LCD TV 123

HDTV Stand Assembly – LCD Television

Make certain you can effectively assemble the stand for your Samsung Liquid crystal display Television set. Look at this video clip to find out the appropriate installation methods for your tv. Examine ou…
Movie Score: 3 / five

Disassembly, spotting busted caps.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Spitfyre Veyl says:

    +gouda25 Did you get it fixed? I have the same monitor and same problem,
    but can’t find problems in my caps

  2. Spitfyre Veyl says:

    My backlight comes on for a second before turning off again, I checked all
    the capacitors on the board with the power plug, but haven’t found any
    broken capacitors. What could be my problem?

  3. Core Puncher says:

    Can I ask you a question? I have this monitor, and all of a sudden the
    bottom HALF of the screen went white. Top half works fine. Seems to me the
    screen itself is fine…it’s just displaying what is being sent to it?
    Someone told me I might need a new “Data cable”, whatever that is. Any
    ideas, I’d hate to throw this away, it’s in great shape otherwise, thank!

  4. Peter Law says:

    Thanks for this. I downloaded the video and bought the capacitors two years
    ago, but have put up with it since. It’s got too bad now, so I bit the
    bullet and did it! You’ve saved me the expense of a new monitor. Thanks!

  5. chanchan524 says:

    my samsung LCD monitor has this light blue line running vertically through
    the screen. Do u know how to fix this via DYI methods? thanks. very
    informative vid

  6. gouda25 says:

    Hey man. Nice vid. Funny I spotted this after I already had my Samsung
    Syncmaster 2233RZ 120hz monitor already apart. My question is this. It
    doesn’t appear any of my caps are bulging. My problem is the monitor stays
    on for 2 seconds and then goes blank. Should I replace all the capacitors

  7. Giannis Marakakis says:

    hey man what do you mean that you didnot have to change something?did you
    have the same problem and when you opened it just dissapeared ?

  8. poulpiknub says:

    I have the exact same monitor and my problem is that it flickers when
    turned on and after some time it goes normal. But it has taken longer to be
    “normal” picture and sometimes it required turning it off and on again
    several times. Now it’s dead and i am gonna try your guide here with a
    family friend that is a electronic maniac. Thanks for the guide, especially
    about the disassembly. I hate shit without normal screws. 🙂

  9. alecjahn says:

    They will say on the side what they are rated. Like, “820uf 35v” or
    something. If you’re in the USA, RadioShack carries some 1000uf ones that
    will technically probably work in place of the 820uf caps, but ideally you
    should snag the proper ones off of the internet. Search eBay for your model
    number, people might be selling a complete capacitor kit that you can buy.

  10. df2dot says:

    how do you see what the capacitor rating is and where an you get new ones ?

  11. ROOKTABULA says:

    8:10 Popped Caps.

  12. ROOKTABULA says:

    A 70mm or thicker guitar pick is great for prying open shite like this and
    iPods etc….. And they cost less than 50 cents a piece

  13. neferiusnexus says:

    Update: Managed to repair it yay! 2 blown 16v 1000uF condensers replaced
    with a tall 2200uF one scavenged from an old power-supply. I even melted
    some hard plastic ontop of this and a couple other condensers in an effort
    to maybe prevent them from blowing outwards in the future …not sure if
    that’ll do anything. The trickyest part was sliding out the metal tail …I
    almost sawed off the plastic trying to first dissasemble it xP

  14. neferiusnexus says:

    I wish my T200 Syncmaster would be so str8-foreward to dissassemble xP I
    had to squeeze a cross-head screwdriver between the pivoting tail and the
    chasis to undo 2 screws, to take apart the tail, then get to another 2 that
    were holding the bottom of the frame still inplace Made some nice scratches
    along the way as i was uncapping the frame aswell xD …only to find that i
    can’t safely unplug any of the wires 🙁

  15. Bjpwz1 says:

    hey i got a Syncmaster 2243. when it turns on i can barley see anything on
    it its really low i cant even go on the menu becouse its too dark do you
    know what the problem is? and how fix it

  16. totamish123 says:

    Hi i got the Samsung 2232 BW and my is blinking like hell when it starts up
    then goes black and then i have to turn it on agian. How did you put the
    transistors on and how did you remove them ? Do i need something special to
    put new on and remove the old once ?

  17. Purtle28PatrickSSB says:

    Mine was doing that for over a year, and now like 10 minutes ago it just
    stopped working and I believe I will have to fix it like in this video.

  18. Celso Hashimoto says:

    My monitor was fading sometimes but yesterday the screen was totally black!
    I opened the monitor and I spotted 3 stuffed capacitors! I’ll take it to a
    professional to change all stuffed capacitors, I hope it works! Thanks for
    the video, helped me a lot! 🙂