LCD TV 123

samsung 46 inch LED TV D5500

This is a brief video clip of unboxing and reviewing my new Samsung LED Tv set D5500.
Video clip Score: two / five

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  1. Mohammed Bn Abdulaziz says:

    @3y3n5tyn haha i was so excited

  2. Sepharite says:

    Does your TV have any ghosting issues? Mine looks like it’s stuttering a

  3. Jonathan Rasky says:

    Beautiful legs by the way! jajajajajajaja =oD

  4. Mohammed Bn Abdulaziz says:

    @SouperTeo90 Honestly it’s a perfect TV u won’t regret at all , go ahead
    and get it and enjoy watching or playing on it

  5. Jason Weinberg says:

    @iKTKT I liked your video, but Call of Duty was a very poor choice for a
    video game. Halo: Reach is a MUCH better game IMO.

  6. jepdiniz2 says:

    @SonyByPirModerator Then why dont you buy a headphone?

  7. Teo Magdal says:

    man tell me please,is good this tv? because i pay it but they send it to me
    after one week. if it’s not good tv tell me please to change it. i have
    time to do that!!

  8. Mayur Tejsinghani says:

    Nice video though a review would have been nice

  9. Mohammed Bn Abdulaziz says:

    @dianemurray00 Pic Mode : Standerd Backlight : 18 Contrast : 100 Brightness
    : 45 Sharpness : 50 Colour : 50 Tint : G 50 R50

  10. Sepharite says:

    @peritrima HDMI works, but VGA automatically converts to the full 1080p.
    While HDMI does that, it might change the screen ratio a little, depending
    on your graphics card. HDMI does video AND audio however.

  11. MPoloi says:

    sorry to bother you, do you know, input lag when connect to pc, is it high

  12. lapinobel says:

    How is gaming on this tv? Does it have input lag?

  13. YazanBird says:

    well someone’s happy about his t.v 😛

  14. juan manuel clemente says:

    you can upload one more video ¿¿¿???

  15. Mohammed Bn Abdulaziz says:

    @jerryx2000 depends

  16. Thomas Antoniou says:

    well i got the 32′ tv same model.. i was wondering.. the tv has hdmi’s and
    the pc input (vga is it called?) just wanted to ask: which way should i
    connect my pc for better resolution? mostly for games and stuff…

  17. TheSavageOne89 says:

    nice boxers mate.

  18. Mohammed Bn Abdulaziz says:

    @jerryx2000 depends , if gaming 2 meters .. If watching TV 5-6 meters

  19. DANIEL04DR says:

    i have the same tv but i don’t know how to see in 3d!!! please help me!! PS3

  20. salam14111 says:

    thouse are 50 hz with 120 cmr hz ?

  21. SonyByPirModerator says:

    i was thinking of buying sony’s led 3d tv one time,and i thought to myself
    why would i need 3d it looks stupid with a glasses and all,and the internet
    configured in the tv,wherelse i could easily use internet from my mac and
    my ps3.So one day when i saw promotion of this tv about 1199,wow what a
    great deal rather than to spent 2+k on which tv’s function i don’t need.I
    had to say though was dissapointed from the surround sound then i was
    expecting it to be.

  22. Danish319 says:

    can u plz do a review of d tv..

  23. waco420 says:

    nice tv i got a 46″ samsung led too gotta love them

  24. eezeegeezaa says:

    Mate never put a flat screen on its arse.. u killed 2 years of it life by
    doing that.. oops

  25. Mohammed Bn Abdulaziz says:

    @DavieeShoTzz so far so gr8 , i dint have any problem on my TV , thx god =))