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Samsung F5000 review en unboxing Full HD LED Smart TV

Samsung F5000 kopen? Samsung F5000 overview: Full Hd tv achieved een mooi zwart de…
Movie Rating: 4 / 5

Samsung LE 40B6000 LED Tv kicsomagolás és hangolás, fogyasztás Samsung LE 40B6000 LED Tv set unboxing, tuning, energy intake
Movie Ranking: four / 5

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  1. karl van der molen says:

    Heb m zojuist besteld bij Foka.

  2. DutchCommentary13 says:

    ik ga hem kopen

  3. hidde kooistra says:

    2 HDMI en een AV mooi de AV voor mn oude xbox 1 HDMI voor mn xbox360 en 1
    HDMI voor de xbox one als ie uitkomt,

  4. lesliethemeister says:

    Jó nyelvet állított be!!!

  5. SPgamerPS3 says:

    samsung suckss,….SONY IS THE BEST

  6. TheBo1995 says:

    very nice good viedo! sehr gut! super video!

  7. krisachar says:

    @ItaliavsChile ,Well said…And iam surprised to see the clarity is on par
    with the hi end plasma screens.. I certainly like to know how long they
    last ! Thanks & Love, kris.

  8. william93200 says:

    Super TV LED 5*

  9. josmil1 says:

    How much does the TV measure in inches in width with the stand on?

  10. lilthaiboy says:

    wht are those spliters called the hd one?

  11. fernando olea says:

    This is the way you do a video, no funcy talking, no stupid review content
    that is not important, congratulations for the video and thanks for showing
    the content of the box that is never clear at the time of buying . I also
    bought the unit and i am waiting for delivery this week, you can add the
    video from playing from usb on this link

  12. drisse verre says:

    very beautifull video man great unboxing thanks!!

  13. Tamas1182 says:

    Favorite TV is LED TV 😀

  14. 2112aleks420 says:

    sehr gut! danke

  15. willymanx says:

    wht cam r u using to recored

  16. krisachar says:

    @ItaliavsChile ,Thanks for the reply and iam very happy that you are
    satisfied with the product.And wish you all the best. Love, kris.

  17. threekill28 says:

    How much?