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Samsung UE32D4010NW 32″ LED TV ( White )

This is my new samsung UE32D4010NW LED Tv set , its a complete 1080p hd tv set with created in freeview. Inputs are 4x hdmi ports , 1x scart , 1x component in port , 1x vg…
Movie Score: 4 / five

Unboxing of my new forty six” Samsung Television set.
Online video Rating: five / five

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  1. Monument2Virtue says:

    got the same xbox as me wahoo!

  2. RiskyOvenChips says:

    *until the xbox One.

  3. barbraWillow says:

    Xbox all the way!!

  4. BLACKHEYZEUS1 says:

    sexy tv should get a white ps3 also

  5. ViaDomus12 says:

    Very nice! Looks good in white

  6. M5IAN says:

    A tv that nice and you use a PS2 on it? Hahahaha. Also can you show a video
    of the whole tv in ur bedroom or wherever you use it? Im stuck between 24
    and 32 inches for my bedroom.

  7. Lord Sarkozy says:

    great Video mate … pls i need to talk with you ..

  8. Starsglo says:

    why does he say “fought” & “free-d” instead of thought & 3D?

  9. coffeenciggy says:

    Nice vid, thanks!

  10. yuri bracci says:

    hi, the tv is very nice ,but for gaming is good? the input lag is ok ? i
    see you have xbox you play good ? for me is important lag can you tell me
    if is ok?buy thanks

  11. yuri bracci says:

    hi guy but can you make a video in gaming xbox is important for see input
    lag thank you

  12. killerob666 says:

    Hey man…your TV is very nice the way it is!Actualy,after seeing your
    review I bought mine 32”. And your’s has an advantage:full
    HD,smaller,great for a small colege badroom.

  13. killerob666 says:

    Aprox. 380 – 400 Euros. Too bad they don’t make them anymore.

  14. Mike says:

    aww they looked so good; they should make white models cuz their prevent

  15. randomrazr says:

    samsung discontinued the white models ur out of luck

  16. randomrazr says:

    wow i wish i got the 32 inch samsung one. u prob seen my 22″ samsung white
    tv video how u liking it? whered u get it? inever saw a 32inch samsung
    white at best buy

  17. killerob666 says:

    Is not full HD.Is only HD ready.I know because I’ve got one too.

  18. yuri bracci says:

    its ok for gaming ? input lag is ok ? its very nice tv

  19. killerob666 says:

    I wish it was 1080p though 🙂

  20. martin pelayo says:

    How much does this tv cost?

  21. Mike says:

    Wow it looks great in white im thinking of getting that color does best buy
    sell them in white?

  22. ghettomex92 says:

    I have no idea what you are saying!

  23. 2thextreme805 says:

    i just bought my tv same as this and i got does cables and i plugg in my
    headset for ps3 and it dosent work so i said maybe its my headset so i
    tryed it on my othere tv and it work how can i fix this

  24. Andreskiller1 says:

    i wish i had one

  25. GassyTaco says:


  26. Matt Bear says:

    Bought the same one, a month or two ago. AWESOME TV!!!!!!!