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Samsung SyncMaster B2430HD 24″ LCD TV/Monitor Unboxing

This Tv set is 24″** My massive present this Christmas was this wonderful Samsung Television/keep an eye on. In this online video, I unbox it and in direction of the end present the merchandise hooked up…

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  1. LemonProductions09 says:

    @BOSSYtexasCHICK I figure you are using a Mac. My suggestion would be to
    pick up one of the DVI to VGA connectors at the Apple store. To be honest
    it really doesn’t look too good when I hook up my PC. It might be different
    for others but for me the VGA is super crisp and clear.

  2. BOSSYtexasCHICK says:

    Have you hooked this up to a PC? If so, how’s the text look? Sharp or kinda
    blurry? Thanx, BTC

  3. NFSCross2010 says:

    Ssss….that’s a nice tv you got there 😛

  4. BOSSYtexasCHICK says:

    wait, my post made little sense…lol ….i mean if i use the HDMI port on
    this monitor/tv, will it look as good as using VGA? thanx! BTC

  5. Joke Man says:

    Is it good for gaming

  6. BOSSYtexasCHICK says:

    🙁 No VGA here…my video card (ATI Radeon HD6770) only has DisplayPort,
    HDMI & DVI. Will this look as good thru my monitor? (Hope so, i ordered
    this yesterday, due tomorrow)

  7. House long neck says:

    im gonna use this as my pc screen already got a 42 lg tv

  8. LemonProductions09 says:

    My Xbox looks great on it. If you are concerned about response times then
    don’t ask me because I don’t know. 😛

  9. LemonProductions09 says:

    @BOSSYtexasCHICK Yes I have, and let me tell you that it looks so
    wonderfully clear. I used the VGA cable it came with and everything is
    sharp and vivid. I may post a video attempting to show off the clarity on
    different inputs. If you are in the market I recommend this highly.