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Samsung UN60F7100AF 60-Inch 3D TV Unboxing (Samsung 7100 Series)

SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://little Samsung UN60F7100AF (7100 Series) 60″ Course LED 240Hz 3D Television. Functions 240Hz refresh price, 3D, 720 movement price…

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  1. Maria Myres says:

    I got this Smart TV from Amazon. They are on sale now –

  2. gsmooth116 says:

    thank you for a very detailed review..I was thinking about getting the
    un55f7100 but after seeing this review a 60 inch is my choice….thanks
    again !!

  3. LiKe4BoSs says:

    when i clicked on this video my youtube player size went bigger.

  4. MrELyons says:

    Had same vertical banding issues, after 60 days at BB… me = screwed.
    Idiot techs came out to replace t card. stripped screws and problem stills

  5. Fast, Electronic and Loud says:

    Mark I used the Sanus tilt mount as shown on my YouTube channel to mount
    this. I have had zero issues with it and it is a tilting slim mount. I
    would check it out and recommend it. Thanks for watching and please
    subscribe to ” – Fast, Electronic and Loud – for the latest updates.

  6. Mark Davis says:

    Hello bud….came across this youtube video…. I just bought the UN65F7100
    and am confused about the ultra slim wall mounts….I ordered the 3000C
    series cable type mount, but have read that it only works with the Plasma
    tv…. Did you end up using a cable type mount for your tv….and if so,
    please let me know which one…. Many thanks….Mark in TX… is

  7. haawk32 says:

    i just bought this tv aaaaawwwwwwssssoooommmm im done getting tvs. go
    Ramsss tommorrow

  8. livingproof1973 says:

    Had this TV but the 65″ version and had terrible vertical banding and
    flashlighting in all corners! Tried two different models, including the
    8000 series and all had vertical banding and Samsung didn’t care. Terrible
    products. Returned and went with trusted Sony and all is good.

  9. socalstud24 says:

    Thanks for the great video. Three questions: the specs for this TV list the
    bezel thickness at .23 inches but in your video it looks closer to a half
    an inch. Can you measure? Also, the remote looks black, is this made of
    plastic or aluminum/metal? The other remotes I’ve seen have looked to be
    silver/aluminum but maybe that’s only for the F8000 model. Lastly, is there
    only the one optical out for audio? Seems they’ve moved it so that you
    can’t use it if you mount the TV flat against the wall.

  10. Sebastian Garcia says:

    its great for gaming on GAME MODE it get about 39 MS of latency lag which
    is pretty good

  11. Fast, Electronic and Loud says:

    Awesome! I want to mount mine as well. I think I’m going to do a
    stand/mount while I’m still living in my rental. Then probably something
    larger and more permanent at the new place. For the time being, I’ve
    purchased 3D Blu-ray titles as they will look the best. I’m having the TV
    professionally calibrated for optimum settings. Free service for Premier
    Silver customers at Best Buy. I got a Magnolia Samsung branded 3D Blu-ray
    player with it. Texas Chainsaw 3D the new one was epic!

  12. masta inc says:

    I have had mine for about 2 weeks un60f7100. Love it! Good to see some
    videos of this TV. Maybe I will post my set up

  13. Fast, Electronic and Loud says:

    I posted a new video showing this TV and a new Sanus Tilting Wall mount.
    You can see how much room I have behind it for HDMI cables, power, IR
    remote cable, etc. Thanks for watching and hope the information helps.
    Please subscribe.

  14. 05elhijodelrio says:

    No, area for evolution kit?

  15. Fast, Electronic and Loud says:

    The bezel is 1/2″ from front to back (side view) and measures 5/8″ from
    edge to screen (front view). The remote is a plastic bottom but aluminum or
    some type of metal top. It’s a single piece of metal on the remote which
    has a trackpad. There is one optical out and an audio out (3.5mm?). Do to
    its overall thinness, I believe any low-profile wall mount would still
    accommodate an optical audio connection too. Look for part 2, 3, and 4 on
    this TV and remote. Thanks for watching and please subscribe

  16. OtakUTechGaminG says:

    Be sure to make a video on how this looks when it comes to gaming I would
    love to see that I am planning on getting dell monitors once I get my mac
    mini in the future and might sell my old samsung tv and get a new one

  17. Fast, Electronic and Loud says:

    Check out my other videos too. Thanks for watching and please subscribe!

  18. black world says:


  19. OtakUTechGaminG says:

    Hey awesome unboxing my friend this is a sweet looking 3D TV LED I would
    like to get something similar I have a old samsung. To me they make great
    TVs so I might upgrade it to a nicer one later this year.

  20. Sam m says:

    This is active 3d, aka the battery glasses. It should some with a few
    pairs. 2-4.

  21. Sebastian Garcia says:

    Im picking this up tomorrow question will the movie theater 3d glasses work
    on this tv or does it use the battery charged ones?