LCD TV 123

HD Samsung LCD tv

37″ liquid crystal display television utilised on my Laptop employing a DVI to HDMI cable, great photograph, far better than using a keep track of, see for your self.

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  1. phillip curtis says:

    definately DVI from pc to HDMI as vga is never that clear. they are cheap
    enough to buy of ebay

  2. MJANMm says:

    is that a la 37a450?

  3. phillip curtis says:

    this is only 720p , if you just plug a dvi-hdmi lead from the pc to lcd and
    you will get a picture soon as you select the hdmi on lcd, usually there is
    an option in the graphics card software for selecting the use of an lcd tv
    instead of monitor, but even at 720 its a very good picture, as for pixel
    size and screen space 1080 is the better option 1920×1080

  4. Roklord1 says:

    I think u have the same TV as me … Love this TV =P

  5. Jason Rk says:

    Can someone tell me how to make both my screens PRIMARY. I’m basically
    using a monitor and a tv. When i first plugged the hdmi in, the tv and
    monitor had the same things on the screen. Then i wanted to check dual
    monitor mode and now i can’t go back. Help pleasee..

  6. John Christopher Tan says:

    HD TV + ATi HD graphics card FTW!!!!

  7. VenezuelaOpenSource says:

    I assume it’s a 1080p TV (FULL HD). I’ve been looking for a video showing
    the window with the screen resolution once connected to the HDTV via
    HDMI… could you tell me at least if there is shown 1920×1080??

  8. 00smurfy00 says:

    After looking into it my Samsung and several other models of Samsung don’t
    support PC->DVI. via the HDMI connection. I bought mine 18 months ago,
    looks like they sorted maybe on newer models.

  9. BoY860 says:

    have you tried any other cables from your pc ? i have tried component and
    vga to my 37 inch lcd. i know hdmi is best cable out there but is it
    noticable froma computer? would you recomend dvi – hdmi rather then any
    other cable conversion?