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How to Set the Picture Size with Samsung LED TV

With 6 diverse photo dimensions to select from, this video will clarify how to entry and when to use them on your Samsung LED Tv. For more how-to videos, ple…
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  1. Erwin Sauce says:

    Ok this is my problem, i just want to play GTA V in its full potential on
    the PS3, my PS3 is now set on 720p because GTA V uses 720p. Now the problem
    is, the tv keeps changing my resolution to 1080p automatically. How the
    hell do i stop this from happening, im sorry im beginning to get really
    frustrating 🙁

  2. pawl55 says:

    Just got this tv and the user friendlyness is completely poor. i can barely
    see the picture in pip mode. no size adjustment what is up with that. you
    really need to listen to consumer input and update your browser to normal
    usable standards. i would not reccomend this to anyone.

  3. lacountess says:

    Why is it that when I’m using USB or AllShare this feature doesn’t work?
    It’s very frustrating.

  4. SPSN says:

    We’re very sorry about the frustration, unfortunately, the Picture Size
    option is only available with certain resolutions and inputs on your Smart

  5. rperlberg says:

    I’m more confused now than before I saw this. You should use demo material
    that more clearly demonstrates what the resizing options do.

  6. bolbolb87 says:

    i love ur voice