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CES 2012 – Panasonic UT50 and ST50 Plasma TVs launched

Panasonic launch their new US Plasma assortment at CES. AVForums Reviewer Steve Withers provides his preliminary impressions.

Re-Do Panasonic TC-P46X3 forty six” Plasma Tv set Overview So overall it’s just me talking about the Tv and heading in excess of the goods, bads, and features. The 3/four of the vid…

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  1. TypicalB18 says:

    @1000bassnut Haha mee too!!

  2. 1000bassnut says:

    yeah i like samsung tv’s 3d smart tv 60 inch lol

  3. vapor83 says:

    @PA5cAl1 I think lcds are horrible compared to plasma. Plasmas are great
    for movies and game play. Every review that compared lcd to plasma, plasma
    won hands down. The only downside to the older plasmas is that if it stayed
    on the same picture for over 30 min that it would burn into the tv for
    about 30 min and then disapear. That has all been fixed on newer plasmas
    like ours. The only other con is that it has a glass screen which can cause
    a glare if you have a window nearby.

  4. TypicalB18 says:

    @1000bassnut Haha Nice!!

  5. 1000bassnut says:

    my bedroom samsung LCD tv which is only 22 inches does 1080 p

  6. vapor83 says:

    btw you do some insane reviews and editing . Very nice stuff. I have a
    problem talking to the camera, I really am not used to it so I just dont do
    it lol

  7. damon323 says:

    Awesome video man!! Just got home from work to watch it, and thanks for the
    heads up when it was uploaded!! Cant wait till mine arrives on the 7th of
    Dec.!!! I was just reading some of the comments, and its funny seeing some
    of them complain about 720p when I’ve read that the human eye cant tell the
    difference between 720p and 1080p beyond 8 to 10 feet away.Not sure if
    thats true though. Anyway, thanks for the upload, and cant wait to see your
    BF3 vid you were talking about doing next.

  8. TypicalB18 says:

    @777hambone I see what you’re saying and agree with you but possibly
    PA5cAl1 meant that the materials that they are using could possibly be less
    Green to the environment, but I’m not entirely sure myself either as I
    don’t do much research in this category, but yeah TVs today are getting
    more and more efficient! Thanks!!

  9. TypicalB18 says:

    @damon323 Hey, just letting you know the new video on BF3 gameplay on the
    TV is up!!

  10. TypicalB18 says:

    @twiztid83222 Thanks Man really appreciate it!! Yeah to be honest I used to
    have the problem too, but making more and more vids has actually improved
    my speech and helped me in many things but it could also mean I talk too
    much and get too technical haha! Anyway thanks again!!

  11. vapor83 says:

    sweet man I have the viera too. I love the pandora and built in netflix
    even though it was on my ps3 too but its still very handy for fast click
    music. I dont understand how ours have like blocks sometimes. My old model
    viera never had this problem. The new ones do I think. Even when its on
    720p tv sometimes it messes up but it really doesnt bother me because when
    ur sitting 10 feet back you dont notice anything. I think I got mine for
    550 its the 50inch plasma at sears.

  12. vapor83 says:

    @PA5cAl1 Nothing is low about a 720p plasma when your sitting 10 feet back.
    Your only getting true 1080p on games that can handle it and blueray and
    very few channels put out 1080p. Mine is 720 and I can get 1080i channels .
    I wouldnt even want any better picture quality vs price when watching a
    blueray on here or playing games. I couldnt see it getting any better than
    it is.

  13. TypicalB18 says:

    @twiztid83222 Yeah one of my friends has HD Satellite service and I went by
    to check on the resolution most came out at 1080i at 60Hz. I saw that
    Comcast/Infinity was offering Full 1080p at 120Hz but I believe it’s much
    more pricey and most people probably didn’t upgrade to that, but either way
    soon enough I will most likely purchase something with 1080p. Overall still
    very good though!

  14. 777hambone says:

    @PA5cAl1 Most new plasmas use only slightly more energy than lcd tv’s.
    Example: a Samsung 51″ plasma tv uses $21 a year to run based on 5 hours a
    day. You probably use more charging your cell phone a year. How are they
    bad for the environment? In my country (USA) they are a thriving and
    affordable option as far as tv’s go. It’s obvious you don’t know what
    you’re talking about so please leave your misinformation off this mans
    video comments. Thanks for the review BTW!

  15. TypicalB18 says:

    @PA5cAl1 Ohh yeah I suppose they are getting old at some point as LEDs and
    LCDs move in, as maybe within some time I might be upgrading to one on a
    different room though and replacing the Samsung Plasma that I also have.
    Yeah it’s a decent price as I haven’t seen many LCDs at this size and price
    like you mention. Yeah I think I read on the Panasonic site that this TV
    was Lead free and a couple other things so I guess they’re trying to be
    more Green. Thanks!

  16. TypicalB18 says:

    @twiztid83222 Yeah, They’re great TVs! Maybe they’re just decreasing in
    quality like everyone else therefore having some imperfections here and
    there, but yeah still no big deal to us since we sit a reasonable distance
    from the TV. That’s a decent price man! Thanks!

  17. TypicalB18 says:

    @Donatello97 Nice!! Well pretty much just similar to most TVs it’s just a
    ratio change which might also be the same as you mentioned. You can switch
    from 4:3, 16:9, and just zoom or super zoom. It’s not exact as I’m thinking
    about it right off my head right now, but should be close! Haha well some
    people use their TVs for screen savers before too so it’s all cool, but
    yeah when I get a chance I’ll get back to you about the different ratio

  18. PA5cAl1 says:

    Plasma tv’s use a lot of power. Also 720p seems a little bit low to me. In
    my country plasma tv’s are almost gone. They’re bad for the environment
    etc. I just prefer LCD. It’s hard to find a better LCD for the money tho,
    especially that size so i think you did a great buy.