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Samsung LED TV UA46EH5000

Samsung LED Television Collection five Discover The Delight Of LED Photo Good quality Video clip taken by Samsung Galaxy Observe 100Hz Motion Price for rapidly motion Movie and Sport. Gam…
Video clip Score: five / five

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  1. Shahrin Ikmal says:

    Gaming demo link in video description.. 🙂

  2. charlie fast says:

    can you do a demo of gaming in this tv and nice tv im planning to get one

  3. Shahrin Ikmal says:

    yup.. superb for gaming.. 2 HDMI port.. the color was crisp and fantastic
    also had 120Hz fresh rate for fast moving action.

  4. Andy Catigbe says:

    the only problem i have with this tv is that it doesn’t have an audio
    output, so when you want to watch something via USB, the sound will have to
    come out of the tv and not redirected to a home entertainment system. but
    otherwise this is a very good tv, I’m very satisfied with it.