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Unboxing + Review: Samsung Series 5 32″ 1080P FULL HD LED TV (UE32EH5000K)

32 inches of 1080p attractiveness! The two photo quality and the design and style by itself are extremely eye-catching. Follow me on Twitter Like my pa…

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  1. Ace feintheart says:

    WASSUP youtube, typical 

  2. Bazzerker Joe says:

    i think its not good to buy a 32″ its better if the size is 40″ and up
    cause a smaller TV doesnt give you a whole lot of good entertainment i am
    getting the same Samsung model thats a 5000 series and its going to be a
    50″ its a 60Hrz with the 120 CMR (Clear Motion Rate) the smaller TV’s are
    only good for computer screens

  3. Chamila Bamunu Arachchi says:

    Hi, has anybody connected this tv to Internet?

  4. MrMagnificentMedia says:

    Me too, exactly! Technological advancement amazes me. I’m thinking
    super-slim displays with amazing contrast, colours and clarity. But then
    again… we already have that lol.

  5. Yuriy Demenko says:

    I wonder how tvs gonna look like in 5-10 years from now, technological
    progress is mindblowing.

  6. Johan Yap says:

    Great review! gonna buy this samsung soon 😀

  7. Cody rtgterg says:

    I couldn’t really hear a difference between 60-100 volume, mabey it’s casue
    its not in person? Does anyone else hear it?

  8. ZupeRMaDMaN says:

    Does this mean that I can’t use this TV as a FULL HD monitor? I would like
    to buy it to primarily use it as a monitor and secondly as a TV. But if it
    doesn’t work, I may redirect my attention to other TVs. It would be great
    if you can reply asap. Thanks in advance!

  9. MrMagnificentMedia says:

    It simply means the speakers face downwards.

  10. MCplayer94 says:

    what is down-firing?

  11. MrMagnificentMedia says:

    Yep it does: Menu > System > General > Game Mode.

  12. xzaxx says:

    ok. is the sound good? is the sound better if the speakers were in the
    front of the TV?

  13. xzaxx says:

    is the speakers behind the tv?

  14. MrMagnificentMedia says:

    Kind of, but it’s more of under the TV. They are down-firing.

  15. Julius N says:

    What does the ‘K’ at the end stand for?

  16. amatharoo1 says:

    Does this tv have a game mode tho? Can’t see it on the menu

  17. MrMagnificentMedia says:

    I don’t know which exact model you’re talking about but I’ve never really
    been a fan of LG’s TV’s.