LCD TV 123

How I fixed a 42 inch LCD TV, Olevia 242 T11

Picked up this Tv some a single was throwing away. Plugged it in, pressed the energy button and identified out why it was being discarded. It would not turn on. No pict…

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  1. onthecuttingedge2005 says:

    sweat a little extra solder to the pin then use a solder sucker to remove
    all the solder. watching some solder technicians on you-tube may give you
    some excellent idea’s on the theory of soldering/de-soldering circuit

  2. josmo506 says:

    great job! so your new HD TV only cost you like 19 bucks? haha awesome…
    it amaze me how the people just get rid of appliances when they don’t power
    up… could be something as stupid as a bad connector or so… again Bunn,
    congratulations! it’s a shame you have to manually operate that nice big
    TV… why don’t you check here, it seems the remote can be purchased
    separately electronicadventure dot us slash olevia I’m typing it this way
    cause this things does not allow to paste website addresses

  3. Edward Fortin says:

    I just got the caps @ an electronic parts down the street from work. I have
    my tv mounted on the wall. Works for us. Just bagged the stand and hardware
    on a shelf in the garage.

  4. andyvilla0509 says:

    So i got another broken tv its a jvc LT-40X776 IT HAS SOUND BUT NO PICTURE

  5. bunnspecial says:

    I don’t know anything about electronics but I would see if the LCD screen
    works because it sounds like your back light might be out. I have a
    computer monitor that was dark but when I looked at the screen with a light
    I could see something on the screen. The problem was with the light behand
    the screen. I know there are boards in the TV that deal with the back
    light, maybe one went went bad.

  6. bunnspecial says:

    I disagree on how this TV would look better on your wall and you would to
    if you saw how fine it looks on my wall. If you want to find a TV that
    needs work check on craigslist. People are quick to get rid of stuff if it
    doesn’t work. They figure it would be cheaper to buy a new one that fix the
    old one. I almost bought a 50 inch plasma for 50 dollars but those plasmas
    are real heavy.

  7. bunnspecial says:

    Thanks. Yes that was a good deal for an HD TV. Some people think that once
    something doesn’t work its trash or the repair would be so expensive that
    it would be cheaper just to get a new one. This was the third TV I fixed.
    The first was a 37 inch HD TV and the second was a 42 inch plasma, not HD.
    I plan on getting a remote I am just not sure what model remote to get. I
    will have to check out that website.

  8. digitaltripper says:

    Ya know…That TV would look a whole lot better hanging on my
    wall…HEHEHEH NICE JOB Bunn!! My current 19″ computer monitor which I got
    for FREE not working, had an issue with capacitors and same deal, although
    I went to Sacramento to 18th and J streets to Metro Electronics and bought
    the caps there. Been working 2 years now!! Now I just need to find a 42 ~
    50 inch LCD TV that needs a bit o work….

  9. bunnspecial says:

    I have seen kits on eBay and amazon. If you can’t find one on those sites
    you can always read the numbers off the capacitors and buy them at radio
    shack, an electronics store or the internet. For the 37 inch LCD I fixed I
    went to radio shack and bought the one capacitor I needed and it worked.

  10. josmo506 says:

    cool! yeah I didn’t see the exact number on the list… but I believe an
    email to these guys will do, good luck Bunn keep the videos coming!

  11. Edward Fortin says:

    Just wanted to say to you bunnspecial, THANKS! My Olevia 42″ LCD TV took a
    dump on me. 1st the remote wouldn’t turn on the power or sound, so I used
    the front panel buttons. Then that stopped as well. Opened it up. Checked
    the fuse on the power supply board. That was good. Saw you vid. 3 caps were
    bad near the bottom right next to the connector. Had an engineer friend
    from work solder them in for me. Parts cost me less than 5 bucks and I’m
    buying him lunch. Saved me a big repair bill. Thanks.

  12. MrFLbreakz says:

    you need a desoldering iron

  13. bunnspecial says:

    I am glad you fixed your TV on the cheap but I think you should buy me
    lunch also.