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My Samsung 3D LED-TV 46″ 8000 series

FIFA World Cup 2010 PS3 Demo – Thickness (Thinness :P) – Rear Ports – Material (Characteristics: Net@Tv, AllShare, Yahoo! Widgets and many others) possibly more…no voice o…
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  1. Nicolas O says:

    I’m buying this in two months 😀 Same model: 8000 series 46 inch, i hope
    they including two glasses with it, or i have to buy a 3d bluray starter
    kit to complete.

  2. g0tkyle says:

    @nikological i have not noticed this. thats fortunate coz i tend to be OCD
    at the slightest things…like for example iphone battery life haha..but
    yeah..i havent noticed it. might also be because its my first set and my
    eyes arent trained point out those details.

  3. KINGJADEX says:

    @g0tkyle Yes! make that video!

  4. taciturnboy88 says:

    fark…..I WANT ONE !!

  5. g0tkyle says:

    @markiemark8585 3dvision – blog . com /

  6. g0tkyle says:

    @jeezwtfdudeomg might be the game or console. Since it’s just near walls
    right. Hopefully it’s not the tv and I doubt that it is. Try other media.
    I’d worry more about a line that appears permanently. Enjoy the set.

  7. bisaf11 says:

    Hey guys i have a real problem.My samsung LED 40″ 7000 series can´t pick up
    my ps3.I tried every single way but it just doesn´t work.Ps3 is totally
    fine and works 100%. I have an 80GB ps3 and i played it on other tvs in
    HDMI but it just won´t work with mine.HEEEELP!!

  8. Whisking Nemo says:

    How expensive? 5.000$ ?!

  9. g0tkyle says:

    @Abdulmalik773 i am not in the position right now to be giving out gifts of
    this value. LOL!

  10. g0tkyle says:

    I agree with @MagicScorpio… at first I was not used to the big screen
    since I have only used a 22-24″ display. Now my eyes have gotten used to
    it. 46″ kinda looks small at times. In regards to gaming, and this is just
    my 2cents …. I have stayed away from the 46″ when playing First Person
    Shooters Multiplayer. Guess its my personal preference. I can play longer
    and slightly better when on a 22″ – 24″ screen. Other than that. Its Great!

  11. g0tkyle says:

    @Fraggelmann noted.. I just need a setup for my iphone to get the video..
    Camcorder died on us.. haha..but still iPhone has 720p recording so i just
    need to setup something where I have the phone looking through the 3D
    Shutter Glasses. Im getting Avatar 3D, How To Train Your Dragon 3D, Shrek
    3D, and Cloudy Meatballs. So lots of options there for the next video.

  12. Burak Celikbilek says:

    the 3d glasses are like £30 its quite deer if you live in a shed!

  13. Fraggelmann says:

    If the last guy did not request you to make a video of ps3 i 3d-mode, I’m
    requesting it now! 😀

  14. g0tkyle says:

    @FrawN9 i think its called graffiti

  15. erguen says:

    @pneboy fanboy 😉 jeah

  16. ServiceProcess says:

    @g0tkyle Hi … the C9000 … no thanks. Yours is more than good enough. If
    the LE46c750 had the titanium surround (as your model), I would have got
    that. The thing is.. for sheer looks the 8000 is the business. Anyway …
    I’m back watching your vid again !!! as it turns out I can get one (46
    8000) just after Christmas (hurray !!). I am going to wait however until
    after CES 2011 which is around January (I want a price drop !)

  17. kingblack22ss says:


  18. D. Tran says:

    lol you have window 7 files on there….. WHY?

  19. g0tkyle says:

    @scar50 Haha. Looks like everyone is getting 50s and 60s.

  20. g0tkyle says:

    @mike02099 lol you got me worried there. Haha Nothings wrong with the feet.
    It might be an illusion of some sort caused by the plastic wrapping that is
    still on the stands.

  21. g0tkyle says:

    @amazonsbest oh..this wasn’t shot using an iphone4 but by a Sony Webbie HD
    (that is dead right now). I’d say though that the ip4 would be able to take
    video with better quality than the Webbie. The other video that tries to
    show the 3D content was shot using the ip4. Thanks for the view. Are you in
    any way related to the real lol

  22. erguen says:

    fanboys 😉 youre right

  23. C815richard says:

    wtf is that background noise