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Samsung 22″ 1080p HD TV – Indepth Review

Evaluation of the 22″ Samsung LED Tv set – 5000 collection.

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  1. Nunsweepit421 says:

    That’s where this TV is at. The cleaning cloth. Yup. The cleaning cloth is
    where it’s at!

  2. JD MIchel says:

    lollllll VCR!

  3. Ja! says:

    @randomrazr 🙂 I ment the exact size [lenght & height] of the screen
    [visible,without the white frame]. But finaly I chose the 32″ version of
    the same TV [even if is only HD ready]. Thanx for the review,which in my
    oppinion is THE BEST I found on the internet. Chears!

  4. samoanpride562 says:

    were did you get the white version at?

  5. randomrazr says:

    @TalesOfWar haha stupid question but what do u mean by IPS? nonetheless,
    its stilla 1000 dollar display lol

  6. MrZnoopie says:

    Can you use this as a television too?

  7. randomrazr says:

    is it white cause u wanted this one? they might have newer models that are

  8. CJ C says:

    They didn’t made color black models of this TV (UN22D5010NF). You probably
    got a different model that looks like it.

  9. randomrazr says:

    as i mentioned in the video i purchased it off of best buy. im not sure if
    they sell the white model anymore though! its technically a LED TV but of
    course can be used as a monitor for ur ocmputer as i showed in the video

  10. flipswagga9 says:

    hi @randomrazr …i have the same tv.. have u tried the composite adapter?
    im having issues… trying to connect a dvd player thru yellow/white/red
    …first time it worked.. BUT picture was black and white.. tried switching
    different connectings.. now its says “no signal” any idea what the problem
    is or how to fix this issue? thanks

  11. metalaras999 says:

    is this model newer or older pls reply ”Samsung UE22D5003 LED TV 22”

  12. randomrazr says:

    its a 5000 series tv so I assume its recent (like within past couple years)
    check samsungs website, if its on it its prob the latest model. hope this
    helps! subscribe if you like 🙂

  13. Tys Dasd says:

    wait you need to buy an adapter for 360 to work on this??

  14. randomrazr says:

    @XClone08 Thanks! for the size and quality i think its a great size for a
    college dorm room. Obviously bigger is better but in this case, you also
    have to factor carrying it to college. if u get it from best buy or future
    shop they ahve a 14day return policy so, give it a shot for a few days and
    if you feel its to small or not worth it u can always take it back for a
    full refund. hope this helps! subscribe if you like 🙂

  15. randomrazr says:

    @holdencommstra true, the thunderbolt display though is 1000 dollars LOL
    samsung makes the displays on the macbooks too lol

  16. randomrazr says:

    @Cacpetine thanks man glad it helped! hope ur enjoying ur new 32inch! im
    assuming its black? i never found another white one in these sizes :s
    subscribe if you like 🙂

  17. Drew Baetens says:

    I love this review man. I’m looking into one too. So you would indeed
    recommend it for a college dorm then?

  18. RetroVintageItems27 says:

    I gotta get that for my mac, I like samsung but I want something to match
    my computer!

  19. CJ C says:

    Yea, I asked Samsung support because I can’t find it online or to the
    retailers around the city and they said they stopped its production and
    it’s more likely not to resume. (UN22D5010NF)

  20. randomrazr says:

    thanks man! i got it at best buy. future shop has them too if ur in canada.
    hope this helps! subscribe if you like 🙂

  21. ApachePieman says:

    Hey!, i recently got this tv and i was wondering if i needed an audio
    splitter cable if i wanted to use the tv with hdmi to my xbox and a
    Headset. the headset is the steelseries 5xb. Also what setting would be
    better for it? PAL 50 or PAL 60 on the Xbox 360? Thanks.

  22. randomrazr says:

    @M5IAN probably, ive never really switched the “source” much. ive seen pc
    input, video input, cable input, attenna. in toher words it will work fine
    with ur xbox lol hope this helps man!

  23. randomrazr says:

    @eugenemichigan no porblem glad it helped! subscribe if you like 🙂

  24. randomrazr says:

    to me, so far, tvs are tvs lol.