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Toshiba DLP – 52HM95 – Ballast Replacement – Similar Models 46HM95 62HM95

Sponsored by Demonstration of changing a Toshiba ballast in a DLP Design 52HM95. Related types incorporate 46HM95, 52HM95, and 62H…
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  1. Paul Mueller says:

    I have a LG RU60SZ30. The tech told me it was my ballast assembly. I would
    like to save some money and do it myself. I was curious if some tvs such as
    mine, you have to access the ballast from the front of the tv. If so, how
    do you get the front off because I have all the screws out but bottom of
    the front screen acts like its still screwed in

  2. William AK says:

    Let me amend my statement. It would power cycle a few times, then I would
    turn it off. I turn it back on and it would sometimes work, but other times
    I would have to manually turn it off and on several times before it would
    turn on. The light was dull at first, but then would brighten up after a
    few seconds/minutes. This continued on for a year until it popped and
    flashed. It’s been dead since. I’m still able to turn it on, but there is
    no A/V.

  3. William AK says:

    My 52HM95 had issues during start up. For about a year, it would sometimes
    turn on without video, but full audio. I would reset it a few times then it
    would work fine. One time, I turned it on and there was a pop noise as well
    as a flash behind the TV. I assume it is the bulb that blew, but I’m not
    positive. I don’t want to start replacing components arbitrarily, but based
    on the description, where would you start? You are a good person. It’s neat
    to see you share the tricks of the trade.

  4. Andrew Collins says:

    I have a 62HM14 and I keep getting the error code that says there is an
    issue with the lamp. I have tried two new lamps and it still does not work.
    I have disassembled my TV thanks to your video and have the ballast out.
    Nothing seems obviously wrong with the ballast (blown capacitor/resistor)
    and it wasn’t blowing lamps frequently. When I would turn the TV on I would
    get sound but then it would keep trying to turn on. Do I need to replace
    the ballast or do I have a more serious problem? Thanks!

  5. rcollins1977 says:

    Thank you very much for posting this video. I used it as a guide to repair
    my Toshiba DLP. It was easy to follow and took me a little more than an
    hour to complete.

  6. ed bender says:

    I had a bulb blow on my 62HM94, replaced it, and still no picture. I talked
    to the place I bought the bulb and they said there was a 90% chance it was
    the ballast. They also told me that a shop repair would be expensive (300+)
    and if I bought their ballast it could not be returned if the tv still
    didn’t work.They said buy a new tv, Well I didn’t want a new tv. I saw this
    video and went for it. After 2 hrs (went slow on purpose) I was done &
    happy. Thank u for helping us with this awesome video!

  7. TVRepairTutorials says:

    Do you have the owner’s manual? I don’t have the service manual for this
    model. If you can find one online that should help tell you what the
    problem is. I don’t have access to service manuals at the moment,
    unfortunately. Just doing a quick google search, I found that 9 blinks
    indicated a failing ballast but I can’t say that’s true for sure.

  8. TVRepairTutorials says:


  9. Justin D says:

    Thank you very much, I just changed my ballast in the 94 model which was
    similar and I couldn’t do it without this video, awesome