LCD TV 123

LCD tv: Samsung LE32B550 & LE40B550, uitleg video! crystal display-tv/samsung-lcd-tv/samsung-liquid crystal display-tv set-cat-1142_257.htm Information video clip in excess of Samsung B550 Lcd tv’s fulfilled LE32B550, LE37B550, LE40B550 …

Company: Cheil Communications Rus.

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  1. Christopher R says:

    @aronhoekstra Nee :s

  2. SolaCatholica says:

    haha LOL… Guus speaks Russian as well now! Great man!

  3. bongobeef says:

    How long will Gus Hiddink last I wonder?

  4. fatherlaw says:

    who knows )

  5. venitio77 says:

    @maltyful a Lot longer than JuNK Sony…And I don’t wonder.

  6. derenkoff says:

    wow cool add