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2010 Samsung C650 Series 6 LCD Television – Picture Performance

The new 2010 Samsung C650 Series 6 Liquid crystal display Tv has great photograph overall performance.

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  1. Atakan Alp says:

    not very good? are you kidding? i have a one and its just : GREAT

  2. FlatGameWalkthorughs says:

    what hz does it have may get one of those

  3. bakiegw says:

    So far not very good´╗┐ feedback on new c series!

  4. MusicLover4Live says:

    this tv or the phillips LCD-TV 37PFL5405 H ? I don’ know which ist better

  5. Hengilbert says:

    @SimonSerenade i agree

  6. SuperStarMal says:

    @atakan5909 how do you makes the things that pop up on the tv go away? the
    series L6 keeps popping up for like 30 seconds and comes back every 20

  7. Atakan Alp says:

    @SuperStarMal my tv works just fine mate. it does not have any problem. i
    dont know your problem. you should get samsung verified mechanic to have it