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Repair Fail – Half-Dark Samsung LCD Tcon Board Swap

oh well, not a huge reduction, but still disappointing. The issue alterations with heat-up, I will consider chilling the major board right after its warmed up and see if that chan…
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  1. Aussie50 says:

    I would buy another TV to be honest, I have 3 now with this fault and all
    of the panels are trash, the failing panel can also kill the T-Con board
    too, meaning you would need a good panel and T-Con! I bought a new Sharp
    Aquos 3D LED set, and they are a stunning TV, well worth looking at!.

  2. Manual Override says:

    I have the same problem with he same model… Mine is wall mounted so I can
    grab the corners and flex it quite a bit which does resolve the issue, but
    it’s getting harder to flex it the perfect amount that it ‘settles’ in a
    good position… any repair options? or is it time for a new TV? Thanks for
    posting the video as it saved me buying a tcon board 🙂

  3. 313EDO says:

    😀 I have solved the problem partialy. You can find how did I fix it at my
    …channel I think it’s called. The problem isn’t only the T-con…but
    sadly the panel itself is broken halfway too.

  4. sl2k4u says:

    Another crap courtesy of Samsung….

  5. Sneff says:

    hay ausie i was gust wondering since you, and or the fan base seems too
    know a bunch about thees things. What does it take to re&re the cold
    cathode tubes in a flat panel? Is it worth it?

  6. towrecker says:

    Little Car can fix it , that I am sure of ;p wish I could lend a hand , but
    I would have no idea where to start , ask user fortyfiveplayer , he is my
    fix it guy , might shed some light on the darkness for you …

  7. MicEib says:

    maybe this helps watch?v=nIQ5w9Zd0vo

  8. John Hamblett says:

    Hmm maybe a MOT or two can improve things (albeit briefly).

  9. umbrefawx says:

    hmm interesting issue. could be a few things but my guess is ethier the
    digital board or maybe a bad flex cable somewhere. Though rare as far as
    ive seen, it could be a panel defect as well. Id try swapping the old t-con
    board back and try a hotair reflow on the digital board, if that doesn’t
    show then i’m sure its something panel related (drive board that connects
    to t-con from the LCD intself)

  10. WarriorRazor says:

    Fear Factory!

  11. reddragon27284 says:

    Are you sure the new board is good? It makes me think that your new board
    may be bad since the behaviour changed with the new one. If it was one of
    the other boards I’d expect it to behave exactly the same with the new TCON
    board. These Samsungs are known for bad TCON boards so it’s quite possible
    that your new one is duff.

  12. marcel.o r says:

    that spring holding the heatsink is a good one haha too bad you couldn’t
    fix it.

  13. z1power says:

    Does the tcon board have any jumpers on it? On the plasma equivalent of
    these boards, there is usually a jumper you can short which will enable a
    built-in test pattern generator.

  14. THEtechknight says:

    bad panel if its not the tcon, its definitely the panel.

  15. wickedxe says:

    LOL ED, i said to my fiance”it’s like the panel isn’t being driven
    correctly” and you said it 2 seconds after i said it! i think your right.
    if it was the chip on film panel drivers i would expect it to only be a
    strip per driver, not almost the whole panel. i think it’s the main board
    that’s died

  16. THEtechknight says:

    its also possible you bought a faulty one, pulled for a similar/same
    reason. Ive had that happen on way too many occasions.

  17. h8u4ever says:

    Haha yup CRT is the way to go! I use a cheap 42″ FULL HD lcd atm, but
    nothing beats the colours and the contrast of a good CRT! I have a 52″ CRT
    rear-projection TV in my garage. It’s 10 years old and still going strong.
    Just some components that needs to be replaced (a resistor and some other
    small stuff), but it has an amazing picture. 🙂

  18. Watcher3223 says:

    If you bought your TCON board used, it could still be a TCON problem. I had
    bought a used TCON board for an HDTV before that was guaranteed in working
    condition only to find out upon installation that it didn’t work. I had to
    buy another TCON board which, fortunately, did work. I was able to return
    the defective TCON and get my money back. But the point is that, even if
    it’s guaranteed, you still take your chances with used parts.

  19. The Scavengers Workshop says:

    Followup on my own Samsung LCD; Reflowing the BGA helped, but noticed whine
    from cheapo caps, so a dual problem. Seems like this make is just no end of

  20. zx8401ztv says:

    Bugger!!, but at least you tryed Ed 🙂 Modern stuff just doesnt seem to
    have the stamina of older crt sets, too many new ones last just past there
    guarantee then go pop!!. i think ill stay in the past with my 4000 year old
    crt tv lol, i like old tech better 🙂

  21. RandyDarkshade says:

    Yup. Most of the time it’s cheaper to go out and buy a new item than it is
    to fix the old one, unless of course you’re like Aussie50 and have the
    knowledge to fix it yourself and the means to get parts cheap or free.

  22. FrankTheCat says:

    My Hitachi is going strong. Still has the funky green pixels when drawing
    images on the screen when the panel’s cold, though putting it on an
    isolation transformer helped. Goes away after 20 minutes or so.

  23. Karl Andrews says:

    Did you clean the connections? Had same problem on left side of my samsung
    le40m86, cleaned ribbon and connection and worked again.

  24. umbrefawx says:

    built into the panel itself, best way to check is to try slightly tiwsting
    each side of the tv back and forth in both directions, if that does
    anything or shows any improvement then you have a bad panel.

  25. tuneman3333 says: