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32 in samsung lcd tv GIVEAWAY [OVER]

32 in samsung lcd television giveaway must subscribe and favorite and comment.
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  1. aqualizedwater says:

    wow /..

  2. Cole Slaw says:

    @Tman9468 sure

  3. Tman9468 says:

    you stole that tv

  4. TheIpoditouch says:

    Please pick me i really need that tv my old fat tv broke down theres just a
    bunch of lines and that tv could be amazing for me i did everything you
    said so hope i win man cool giveaway and hope the best for your channel

  5. Cole Slaw says:

    @Fooyou365 Congradulations you have won! send me a private message with
    your street address and i will send it to you!!

  6. steelband22 says:

    pleasee this tv looks soo cool i really would love it :) so please im
    begging you pick me

  7. Cole Slaw says:

    this givaway will end on august 1st

  8. Fooyou365 says:

    i want this tv!!