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Convergence Repair on Rear Projection TV’s

This online video points out the method to complete a convergence restore if your rear projection television has a “warped” or “bowed” photograph and colours appear distorted. T…
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  1. blazeraider says:

    oh, and love the video. After watching it i felt like i could fix anything,
    if i can figure out what;s wrong anyway. 

  2. blazeraider says: this is what my picture looks like. can you help me with what the trouble
    is? at first i was sure its the convergence ic’s but now im not so sure

  3. wanbli61 says:

    The resources mentioned here are in question! For one “TVREPAIRWORLD” is a
    generic search site! Second “SERVICEMANUALS.VSTORE.COM” has gone out of
    business! The site might still be up, but the will not conduct commerce!
    So, some updated resource info related to this video would be very

  4. Izlude Tingel says:

    My convergence is almost fixed. I replaced two ICs on the convergence board
    and two pico fuses on the power board. Red and blue are now able to move (I
    attempted a realignment) the picture is still bowed/warped… Might you
    know which component is responsible for green? Sony KP-57ws510 I’m almost
    certain the pico fuses and resisters on the convergence board are fine
    because of multi meter testing (could be wrong though) what else can I do?

  5. Victor Carrion says:

    Ok. I have a JVC Model AV-56WP74. It does all u said on your video, Call
    repairman After thee visit return my deposit and said they do not sell the
    parts any more. After doing some re-search n watching this information . It
    can be repair! . I will need your help and will ship board for welding.
    Thank you so much,

  6. Ucanthandlethetruth5 says:

    Question…I have a old Toshiba 65″ rear projection tv.when I turn it on
    the red gun does not work until the tv warms this a problem with the
    gun or could it be something else?

  7. samsungbuffer says:

    STK795-521C AXF1145 STK795-523E AXF1144 STK621-412 STK795-820 STK795-821
    STK795-811A STK795-813 YPPD-J010A YPPD-J012A 4921QP1029 YPPD-J015E
    SN755866 SN755867 SN755870 SN755882 FE3407F AS15-F AS15-G AS19-G KIA78L05F

  8. TulsaTVandPCRepair says:

    If the other component inputs work fine but you are experiencing this issue
    on just the component-1 input, I would suspect a filtering component has
    failed within that circuit…such as a filter cap or inductor. In any case,
    I would suggest ordering a replacement signal board. That should fix the
    problem. If it were convergence related, all component inputs would show

  9. Laurence Magnes says:

    Great video. Thanks for posting so at least I understand what has to be
    done to repair my TV.

  10. david banks says:

    I have a Sony 55in rear projection and it have the 10 blink error code what
    do I need to do to fix it

  11. TulsaTVandPCRepair says:

    This is assuming the technician knew to access the advanced convergence and
    bring up a crosshatch pattern to manually converge the colors and
    subsequently save the data to ROM so the “flash focus” will be correctly
    programmed if so equipped.

  12. Robert Steiner says:

    I have a Mitsubishi rear projection tv with a convergence problem. If I can
    get the board removed are you still able to make the repairs as suggested
    in you video?

  13. Jjames Anderson says:

    I usecolor markers

  14. yukie7473 says:

    Hi. I enjoyed your video. I have a toshiba 50h82 and i used the convergence
    kit from tv repair world. I replaced both ics and all resistors. The
    picture is not completely fixed as there is still red and green outline on
    images. The picture is not bowed anymore. When I do the convergence
    settings, the red cross is larger than the green. I can move the crosses.
    Any ideas on what I can do? Does it have to do with problem soldering or
    bad ic or ?

  15. betleano says:

    Hi, you can buy convergence repair services from this guy from ebay,
    listing #230735863255, just type that # in ebay search engine,to remove red
    thick wire read listing for more information.they have more convergence
    repair service for others boards as well.

  16. blueovalfan23 says:

    almost makes it to easy doesn’t it? it’s a ripoff getting anything serviced
    from people who charge like that. i like how you were explaining things on
    here. good informative video budy. i have a board like that from the same
    model mentioned in the description and i can’t seem to get the bridges off
    on the side to remove the darned thing. i’m sure it needs ic chip and
    atleast one resistor is a nice toaty brown lol but it was a freebie and i
    like to tinker. any advice on it?

  17. blueovalfan23 says:

    hey buddy i’ve got the same board and like everyone else have a major issue
    with convergence. it even kicks off and flashes the convergence code in the
    led. i’ve done some research and read that one should upgrade the 110s with
    150s. i’ven even seen kits for my tv with 180s in them. how safe is it to
    upgrade the ics?

  18. MsMlarrea says:

    Hello, The video was helpful. I changed both stks and the picture better,
    but not clear. Still some blue/green in it. I failed to check the resistor
    that you mentioned on your video. I think that may be the problem. Thanks.

  19. cramperification says:

    hello i have a convergence problem with my 57″ sony a tech came out he said
    he replaced the chips on the board but no fix he then pulled the power
    supply board said he replaced some burnt out capacitors still no fix he
    then the av board said he found a beetle between the chips replaced them
    still no fix now he’s saying i have to replace the av board I am at my wits
    end it has been six weeks and still no fix can u offer any advice thanks

  20. Cob Choppergirl says:

    I replaced my STK’s and after working for about 10 minutes, one of the
    resistors going into them BLEW UP.

  21. scooter468 says:

    I have a 52hm94 toshiba hd-dlp. will not turn on it tries to restart a few
    times and then it stop and red &green light blinks. Do I need a new bulb?

  22. battlebots16 says:

    i have a toshiba rear projection tv it has a weird problem when you turn it
    on everything is normal it says video 1 and the menu comes up normaly all
    the colors look ok with that the problem is when you hook something to the
    tv weather its a cable box or video game consol the image is scrambled and
    is constantly moving around it is a full image it is just in multipul lines
    moving randomly left and right the menu still comes up normally