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  1. kommi1974 says:

    7.1 upload fail when it plays in stereo. Epic uploader fail. IDIOT lol. ´╗┐

  2. xhoggerx129 says:

    Oh ok. I see I said that DTS-HD is 24/48. That’s incorrect. I meant to say
    that I’ve never seen it on a movie before above 24/48. On music, I would
    definitely agree that there is some benefit (even if it’s small) to having
    24/88 or 24/96 for resolution. In my experiences, these recordings tend to
    sound closer to analog than a CD. I think it’s just cause the sampling rate
    and bit rate are higher. I don’t think there’s any point to 24/176 or

  3. wercide says:

    Oh no, i understand your point, and i completely agree that it’s pointless
    to upload videos saying that it has surround sound, because it’s
    impossible. I was just adding an information to your comment that’s all.

  4. xhoggerx129 says:

    …and I’ve never seen any film on Blu Ray that has had any bit depth or
    sampling rate above 24/48.

  5. xhoggerx129 says:

    You missed my point. YouTube recompresses it to 192k AAC 16/44 stereo so
    it’s pointless doing a comparison here. Either way, I’m plenty happy with
    the 1509k DTS 5.1 and 640k DD 5.1 lossy tracks that are on Blu Ray discs.

  6. wercide says:

    DTS-HD goes even higher than 48/24, with 192/24 in 5.1 and 96/24 in 7.1.

  7. zrenex1 says:

    Glupost,jer se ovde emituje u klasi─Źnom stereu,levi i desni kanal!

  8. xhoggerx129 says:

    It is not truly 7.1. Your headphones are just matrixing the signal into 8
    channels, much in the same way my amplifier can take a stereo signal and
    turn it into 6 channels with Dolby Pro Logic II. YouTube maxes out at 192k
    AAC stereo audio.

  9. SE09uk says:

    That’s not quite right I ran it with The Plantronics GameCom 780 headset
    and it worked okay they are v 7.1 and imo crap, but they will take some 2ch
    and try to make 7.1, and worked for this video

  10. Yansen Haryanto says:

    the beggining of the video is like win 98 stating song!

  11. Fermin Bahamonde says:

    Solo son videos demostrativos..porque para poder apreciarlos..en youtube no
    hay multicanal… que pena con tanta tecnologia…

  12. Dudu I. says:

    Yep. Uploader is a moron. 7.1 surround test and youtube is stereo,

  13. t y hare says:

    this works great

  14. Pekefli says:

    Why did it work for me ???

  15. xhoggerx129 says:

    This video is pointless since 1080p on YouTube only plays up to 192kbps AAC
    audio. DTS-HD is 24/48 and supports up to 24.5 Mbps.

  16. TheNesnalica says:

    you couldnt have added an more enjoyable noise? XD

  17. JoeBee9 says:

    I WISH Youtube would add support for multi-channel audio. They have HD so
    it seems like the next logical step. Flash v11 does support more than two
    channels. This would be great for movie trailers, Gameplay footage of
    modern title, and many other uses.

  18. electrickrypt says:

    True Lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 is impossible via a Youtube or any
    other flash video. Also, you would need to bitstream the uncompressed audio
    to a A/V receiver that supports the lossless audio. Who ever uploaded this
    video is an idiot.