LCD TV 123

Panasonic plasma TVs in rotation

Rotated plasma exhibit in the Honkong Airport.
Video clip Ranking: 4 / 5

Will Panasonic’s Tv set endure an epic movie game rage quit? CNET’s Eric Franklin joins Molly Wood for a a lot-expected Television-fashion torture examination.

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  1. kasper1992 says:

    that’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen.

  2. Takumi Fujiwara says:

    that was probably the calmest game of Call Of Duty ever.

  3. SoCalDude805 says:

    I thought this was going to be about trying to give the plasma burn in…

  4. tom11zz884 says:

    Looks like a Panasonic ST60 that they are using….that is not Panasonic’s
    top of the line Plasma TV.

  5. fireirdfilms says:


  6. Erik Landry says:


  7. ali baba says:

    You will find glory in 3:32 to 3:35

  8. Russelljamin says:

    i wanna play playstation 4 on that panasonic 85inch tv it would be soo real

  9. DaemoniumCC says:

    This is so, so stupid. And it doesn’t prove a thing or have a point.

  10. bangoblast says:

    with so many complains and dislikes, i’m surprised no one is mentioning
    about africa yet

  11. YB says:

    I wanted to see the 360 controllers as well

  12. TBC718 says:

    Eric Franklin throwing the controller was great. The guy was like an
    animal, but then it is scary to think how fragile a TV is these days.
    Honestly, I did not expect it to break that fast. Do you think they tried
    that on the $40,000 dollar 85 inch UHD TV?

  13. Calmic power says:

    Lots of retrenching by panasonic worldwide in the last year.

  14. ashugtiwari . says:

    if u dont like that tv dear cnet, give it to me

  15. lilfruini says:

    I am the only one that TV broke because of Wii…

  16. kevin wong says:

    Who would ever pelt their TV?

  17. Dominic London says:

    Best torture test!

  18. Stewart Tan says:

    Who the fuck would torture their tv? My mum would scold me like hell.

  19. killdemraas says:

    when i rage quit i chuck my tv into the sun…. try that for me i would
    love to see how those tvs stand up

  20. Stewart Tan says:

    I hate this series! Torturing to my eyes!

  21. Nero Maestro says:

    Eric, WHERE is your masculinity? Did you leave it on your iPad?

  22. Hab B says:

    consider a child would throw something on the Tv.