LCD TV 123

Samsung 55D6500 LED 3D TV (Smart TV)

Get a fantastic value on this Tv below – *LIKE THIS Movie? Incorporate IT TO YOUR FAVORITES! This is a quick seem at the Samsung UN55D6500 LED 3D Television set…
Movie Score: four / five

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  1. SuperIronX says:


  2. Gordon Giroux says:

    hdmi cord?

  3. anuj shrestha says:

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  5. Joseph Rebak says:

    How do I hook up my Xbox to this??

  6. elam117 says:

    Can you pc game?

  7. Ali Daher says:


  8. ryan newman says:

    Does it have USB ports and a hdmi cable port for Xbox

  9. PAIISE says:

    where can i buy the backlight?

  10. kingfas says:

    Killing It

  11. kingfas says:


  12. eatthename says:

    where can i get that backlight?

  13. Akram Shash says:

    I have the 50 inch same series with smart hub and 3D capability