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Samsung LE32N73 LCD TV Start problem troubleshooting

Tv will take a number of tries to swap on, the television set does this alone, i’m not power cycling manually. Sooner or later it fires up but the OSD has corruption. Any suggestions?
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  1. rubbishmagician says:

    I’m afriad not, but i’ve not tried anything more than a few google
    searches. It’s in the bedroom now so less of a priority. Please post again
    if you find a solution.

  2. Demonbg450 says:

    I have the same TV and exactly the same problem. It seems to be a problem
    with the main AV board. (or so the repair shop say). Waiting on Samsung
    right now as apparently they don’t carry the AV board any more and its very
    rare… $900 TV made useless!

  3. Guiffria3 says:

    Had to send it to Bjorns. Cost $360. Bjorns notes: Replced defective main
    PCB (Whatever that is…)

  4. Ivan Humbert says:


  5. Guiffria3 says:

    I’m having the same problems. I have a different model though. Have you had
    any luck finding out the solution???