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UNBOXING: Samsung 40-Inch 1080p Slim LED Smart HDTV

I scooped up this LEGIT Trim HDTV on Black Friday for a Actual wonderful deal! Check out it out! Pricing & availability: Retweet this video: http:…

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  1. yavuz turk says:

    Just found one for 400 40 inch I get my Vizio for 300 is just had plazma
    what I found on find and save app from target it’s 400 expires on nov 30

  2. CyntthiiiaG says:

    I actually just bought this tv to, I got mine for 434$ at BestBuy. A review
    video would be nice, thank you. 

  3. RWBKNY NJ says:

    see it on sale at SAMS club going to get me one for my little girl…thanks
    for the un-boxing dude..

  4. Edgar Garcia says:

    Is this tv less than $600?

  5. Christian Smith says:

    Yea any ghosting, motion blurrr lag when gaming???


    hey do you use it for gaming ??? REVIEW PLEASE !!!

  7. Eric Garcia says:

    How much was it

  8. curtis corkum says:

    hey@JBTech17 do you recommend a 22 inch Samsung smart TV for Xbox gaming on
    a desk its for the Xbox one but will be using it for the 360. I will also
    be using the internet on it if I get it

  9. Skrulltek says:

    this tv has bad light bleeding

  10. thomas bartlett says:

    everything you showed us, is included in the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION!!! if you
    need this video to know what tv your going to buy, you should spend the
    money on some books instead of a television

  11. iosinfofirst says:

    definitely would love to see a review………

  12. ablecable76 says:

    Mind checking my channel out

  13. KSI Dextera says:

    awesome man. i love it!

  14. thomas bartlett says:

    yeah he’s def a virgin, tranny’s don’t count dick breath

  15. Ricky Mitchell says:

    Playing next gen games is gonna be awesome great video man

  16. thomas bartlett says:

    trunk muffin

  17. MrJoey1087 says:

    Plz review that will show me if I should buy it?

  18. ablecable76 says:

    Nice video man.

  19. jeremiah990442 says:

    do a review and show what all it can do

  20. hiriamclark says:

    Cool video im gona try the hisense 40 inch 1080p120hz motionrate for my
    first led smart tv 400$ with warranty not bad will see how it goes if un
    satisfied ill grab this one and return my first choice thanks for this
    great video

  21. thomas bartlett says:

    bean dip

  22. JBTech17 says:

    Hahaha classic.