LCD TV 123


  1. ubuntututorials says:

    Did you have to add a custom mode to do that? I could only get 1440×900 on
    this, but if I edited custom monitor timings I could just about get
    1920×1080, but it still had the sharpness problem and because I was driving
    VGA near its limits, some trailing/blurring on edges of images.

  2. Sir Jackther says:

    I wanted to use my HDMI cable on this screen but I’ve had to resort to VGA,
    I do however get 1080p on the VGA port. It’s a shame that it doesn’t
    display HDMI connections as nice as what VGA seems to be.

  3. ubuntututorials says:

    It supports up to 1440×900 via VGA, 1920×1080 via HDMI. Both have
    overscaling and fixed sharpness, which cannot be turned off, so this TV is
    very bad as a monitor. At least if you want a pixel perfect display. I sold
    it and picked up a faulty iiyama ProLite 24″ FHD monitor instead.

  4. Sir Jackther says:

    Hey! I’m hoping you’re still about as I’m definitely not having this issue,
    the issue is 1080p or rather, 1080i (I’m using it as a monitor for a gaming
    setup) my GPU is more than capable of 1080p and higher so I’m a little
    confused as to why I can’t get this monitor to display 1080p fully. Have
    you had any success? VGA looks far superior to it being run through
    1080p(or..i rather) there’s little information anywhere about this HDTV! 🙁

  5. ubuntututorials says:

    I have a memory that it was adjustable, but the part # is written on the
    device in case I’m wrong. The capacitor values are also written on the
    capacitors (µF and voltage rating.) You don’t NEED to replace the caps, but
    it will significantly improve longevity of the TV.