LCD TV 123

Wallabies & Panasonic VIErA Plasma TV with Skype

The Wallabies chat to ‘Show Your Support’ winner, David Tran by means of Panasonic VIErA Plasma Tv with Skype.
Movie Score: five / five

one- Obtain the 3 Files from 2- Duplicate to SD CARD (Should have be blank and only use 3 Data files) 3- Flip on Television, Insert the SD card into the slot. four- W…
Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Erlan Hayes says:

    Can we stiil call it a TV? 🙂

  2. سالم المخيني says:

    th-p42x20m panasonic tv hd

  3. Nicholas S says:

    What’s the point of updating? (model Panasonic Viera TC-P42C2)

  4. Filip Ge Radulovic says:

    My G20 give me option for direct update from TV, is that safe?

  5. georgestelea says:

    hello i have an lcd tv viera model TX-L42U2E, do you know where i cand
    dowloade the software update? thx

  6. Chuy Castro says:

    i have a tc-p42c2 and when i put in the sd card, it says that is cannot
    read the file with error 0002. please help.

  7. Chuy Castro says:

    @njllllljon its a bin file

  8. Chuy Castro says:

    @njllllljon its 2 gb.

  9. unpossible11 says:

    When i download the firmware update i only got SDDL.SEC Please Help i have
    the TC-P50X3

  10. amdnovello says:

    What tv is that?

  11. Fadirul Ramli says:

    what is the three file? i only got .bin file

  12. doug hoover says:

    i just bought a Panasonic Viera Plasma TC-P50U50 and i am having trouble
    hooking my ps3 up via HDMI and on a chat form it said to update the
    firmware but i cannot find it anywhere on the website i tried to google it
    and everything or if anyone knows how to hook up a ps3 via hdmi after doing
    the power button thing and the hdmi settings in the ps3 menu hing nothing
    works this is the last resort the components work but the picture quality
    is crappy even at 1080p

  13. harryworth100ify says:

    When I search for a new system update on my TV it said it is up to date my
    current version is 1.018 is that right?

  14. Fadirul Ramli says:

    how to extrart that bin i use poweriso magiciso daemon tool but it not work

  15. dixon101101 says:

    wheres the file????? cant find them

  16. Betto Sanz says:

    que bonito gato!!!

  17. Pk King XII says:

    You need to set the output on the PS3 to output via HDMI. You find this
    under Settings > Dispaly Settings > Video Output Settings.

  18. Chuy Castro says:

    @njllllljon when i download the file, there is only one file.

  19. Leoš Kopecký says: