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X-cite By Alghanim Electronics Alrai TV HP Beats, HP Envy 3D Wansa trolley

Find out more about HP Envy 3D Wansa trolley.
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DigInfo Tv – http://diginfo.television 29/nine/2011 Sharp, I-cubed Analysis Heart ICC 4K Lcd Television.
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  1. mick13darkwalh says:

    i am using this hp in the video and i like it very much because it is very
    smart and fast :). and it has beatsaudio speakers and software

  2. Vfopie jcod says:

    good for porn…

  3. Nicolas Charbonnier says:

    *Sharp, Toshiba and Sony release 4K2K Quad-HD TV and Projectors*
    At the recent CEATEC consumer electronics show in Japan (which I had tried
    to attend and video-blog at but I did not find a sponsor in time), Sharp,
    Toshiba and Sony showcased their first consumer-oriented 4K2K screens and
    projectors, perhaps finally leading up to more 4K2K for the mass market.
    Eventually more affordable, because Toshiba’s 55″ Regza 55×3 Quad-HD is
    announced to be priced at over $10 thousand. Sony’s VPL-VW1000ES Quad-HD
    projector is even more expensive at upwards $20 thousand. Sharp did not yet
    announce a price for their 60″ Quad-HD TV, but they showed what they call
    their new so-called Integrated Cognitive Creation (ICC) processor for what
    they claim to be higher-quality Quad-HD upscaling.

    4K2K is awesome. And putting it on 55″ or 60″ screens and in projectors
    sounds like a good target. They need to sell 4K at sub-$2K. They need to
    price 4K at $2000 and below and not $10K and they need to mass produce 4K2K
    as a priority now instead of 3D.

    *The 4K content solution:*

    On the Internet, the most downloaded 1080p movies are below 10GB per movie.
    That means 4K movies can be compressed at a below 40GB file size. That
    means that a 4K movie can fit on a current Blu-ray disc. That means that
    more than 50 4K movies can fit on a $50 2TB hard drive.

    There is no 4K distribution problem.

    YouTube supports 4K streaming at below 20mbitps today.

    The most downloaded 1080p movies are encoded at below 9mbitps bit rate.
    That means that a 4K movie can be streamed with a 36mbitps or faster
    Internet connection (at same “full” quality level per pixel), which more
    and more people can access today using a regular VDSL Internet connection
    over copper wires and even faster over the coaxial based network. Millions
    of consumers already have Fiber internet to the home, and millions more
    could easily get it. Those people can get 1Gbitps over the connection, that
    is more than enough to stream any 4K content needed.

    Hollywood has already digitized most of their 35mm movies to the 4K2K
    format, which is already becoming the digital standard for Cinemas
    worldwide. And most of the new movies are being recorded using 4K2K cameras
    anyways and are already natively recorded in that format. So it would
    actually be a piece of cake for the film industry to provide every movie
    ever made in the 4K2K format, easily distributed on Blu-ray, on hard drives
    or streamed using 36mbitps or faster home internet connections and
    progressively downloaded using slower connections (if you only have a
    20mbitps download ADSL connection, you may wait about half an hour before
    the 4K movie can start. Or you can get the 3K version at half the bitrate
    and that still would look 2x better on a 4K display than the same content
    in the 1080p format).

    It is very common for all consumers to take digital pictures at 8megapixels
    or higher. Most new digital picture cameras take 8Mpix pictures or higher
    today. Even most new high-end smartphones take 8Mpix pictures. put the SD
    card from those cameras in your 4K2K TV, and for the first time, you can
    see the full quality of your digital photographs. Just to display your
    personal photography onto those 4K2K displays wil be worth the enthusiasm,
    even if you do not have fast enough Internet, even if you can’t get a lot
    of 4K content on Blu-ray or directly onto hard drives, then still just as a
    picture viewer, the demand for 4K2K is worth it now.

    Dear TV industry, please stop making 3D now and start mass producing 4K2K
    screens and projectors now! Get the price down below $2000 as soon as
    possible, than you.

    I posted this here:

  4. zSIlentNinjaz says:

    Wonder how porn looks on it………

  5. Nimer bushnaq says:

    @Irishfreedom ohh just video i thought you also meant gaming xD imagine

  6. heresteven says:

    will it be ready for christmas?

  7. Irishfreedom says:

    @Nimerbushnaq no, it’s been ages since the PS3 came out. When it came out
    it was the leading blue ray player. If there are any 4k players coming out
    for movies, surely the PS4 would be the one to do it! I doubt it would need
    that much power just for video.

  8. Nimer bushnaq says:

    @Irishfreedom lol ya the xbox has only 2 maybe 3 games run at 1080p xD

  9. Mahin Islam says:

    NOW I NO WAT TV TO BUY 4 MY PS4 😀 by the time PS5 comes out, there will be
    a 32 k. not joking. there is already an 8 k

  10. spookyman says:

    i am willing to buy premium price if the girls comes with the tv, iam so
    gona fuck her till the end of time lol. hell iam even gona upload 4k
    quality for the rest of the world , just to envy me >:)

  11. TheLivirus says:

    Why are there dark stripes moving across the screen? I thaught that could
    only happen on plasma and crt displays. I thaught LCD pixels never turn off
    between refreshing.

  12. VOYTASNY says:


  13. Pablo Parés says:

    Good bye Blue Ray!

  14. nullpointer66 says:

    even the girl looks so real

  15. peppeddu says:

    1920 * 1080 is equal to 2073600 (2 million pixels, or 2K) 4K is not four
    times the full HD resolution but two times of it. Still pretty amazing TV

  16. jotunbjorn says:

    Cool, but I’m gonna just wait for 64K.

  17. Samuel Darmento says:

    and my country yet still doesn’t have HD broadcasting