LCD TV 123


  1. kharris757 says:


  2. AdamIntellectual7 says:

    this was cute:) love your vids!

  3. kharris757 says:

    @Banjokazooie420 yeah i told them that thats why they flipped it back over.
    because i was like you cant do that with a plasma!!!! ( yelling )

  4. ampistons says:

    lol thanks by the way i subbed

  5. Banjokazooie420 says:

    Nice vid but please don’t tilt the plasma tv like that, its not good to
    tilt it lol well i rate and comment lol! oh only lcd can be tilted you now
    what i mean peace!!

  6. kharris757 says:

    @BMSSstudioes yes i know, thats why they flipped it back over and i now
    have a new tv in there. but thanks for your concern.

  7. ampistons says:

    you a funny lil dude lol made my day 5*****

  8. Banjokazooie420 says:

    @crunkaintdead757 oh well nice vid!!

  9. bettlergott says:

    spieletipps, wenn ihr nochmal so ne scheiße abzieht,dann deabonniere ich
    euch! ich finde videos von verhungernden schwarzen kindern amüsanter als
    glückliche schwarze kinder die ihren neuen plasma tv auspacken

  10. Joshua Rosenberg says:


  11. NewPSCity says:

    What model is it? is this the V10.