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Easy fix for new Samsung TV switching on and off power cycling Uncover the right Television set element for your Television and much more at Click Listed here: http://little For extra info on the fix, please v…
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  1. Brad K says:

    Seems to be working on my 52″ Samsung, thank you for sharing this simple
    fix! Should we want to get these side buttons working again does the button
    assembly need to be replaced or is there some way to service it?

  2. Scott Kaye says:

    This seems to have worked for my 46 inch Samsung. Who uses those side
    controls anyhow. Phoned a repair company. They quoted anywhere from
    $150-$300. So far so good. 

  3. Nikodem R says:

    My samsung led tv only turns off while playing a console game(after around
    20 minutes sometimes to an hour), if i have it plugged in as a computer
    monitor it can run an entire day without failure. Also if i have a console
    plugged in (no matter which) it becomes very sensitive to power
    fluctuations (like when someone uses an owen). I have already decided to
    buy a sony and use samsung as a monitor but I’m curious as to why it is
    like that ?

  4. Tamar McCoy says:

    It worked for my tv but now my remote doesnt work?, what to do?

  5. Frank Posterello says:

    Thanks for posting this. I found tons of info about bad caps and these
    TV’s being slow to turn on… but that didn’t seem to exactly match my
    My (LN52A650) turns on and off like this, and makes a high pitched beep
    before it turns on and off. It only makes this sound when you turn it
    on/off via the buttons on the TV itself (not when using the remote). What
    you found here seems to back up the idea that there’s a problem with that

  6. Jeanpierre werleman says:

    hallo ihave a LG LN5300 and it turn OFF and turn ON it self it keep do it i
    dont know what happend with it because it all most new now it start to do
    it ? and the red light do the same …

  7. alwaysafix says:

    Are you sure its not your remote that’s causing the problem? Remove the
    batteries and see if the problem persists, if not, it sounds like your IR
    receiver is part of the board you are disconnecting. In your case I would
    search for a replacement board. Good luck!

  8. Neil Jackson says:

    Many thanks. The problem was a faulty panel but now I have no way of
    operating my TV as the remote doesn’t work. It works when I connect the
    panel again though. Any suggestions on how to operate the TV with the panel

  9. alwaysafix says:

    Glad your TV is up and running again.

  10. Pierre Gougeon says:

    Thank you, Same troubleshooting and same fix. So good ! Just have to plug
    off the sensitive buttons board on infrared board side (not the other one
    !). I saved my money and my time. Thank’s for that.

  11. alwaysafix says:

    Did you follow the steps in the video, because that will solve your problem.

  12. Wubaby36 says:

    I do believe I have same tv 32″ sensors at bottom & it also cycles on & off
    please help

  13. alwaysafix says:

    Glad this video solved your TV problem.

  14. Noah belinga says:

    it worked thanks mate

  15. Marc Seguin says:

    thanks for the feedback……come to find out the backlights where heating
    up and turning the tv on and off..i did notice the power light come on and
    off also when it did it and blink very fast….again thanks for the feed
    back 🙂

  16. alwaysafix says:

    In your case most probably your backlights are just switching off and not
    the power of the TV. By turning down the backlights, you are lowering the
    strain on the inverter circuit and ccfl lamps, so it makes sense if
    something in the inverter circuit or one of the ccfl lamps are faulty. Hope
    your TV remains stable.

  17. alwaysafix says:

    The only way you will find out, is by unplugging the cable as I have done
    in this video. Good luck!

  18. Marc Seguin says: new Samsung does the same thing!! just turned down my
    backlight…..fixed the problem with out taking apart

  19. Tito Rodriguez says:

    I have a samsung un46d6400 that has the same problem do you think its the
    same thing? Please help

  20. alwaysafix says:

    With the problem described in my video, the TV will switch on and off even
    when changing channels. Good luck!