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unboxing samsung 32 inch led tv(UE32D5000)

this is an unboxing movie off the samsung ue32d5000 this tv is great,for any questions go away a remark underneath the person who assisted me make this online video is :h…
Movie Score: three / five

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  1. myps3slow says:

    what are your picture settings?

  2. siddharth chauhan says:

    i personally cannt sacrifice on picture quality,i found in all latest tv’s
    bigger than 32″ image blurring occurs,sharpness is not good,40″ and above
    are good if thrs a reasonable distance betwn tv and you,thn blurring is
    unnoticed,distance is important factor while buying a tv,if u feel the gap
    is not much 32″should be a better option

  3. siddharth chauhan says:

    thrs a new 32″ tv from sony as well,its somewhere around 40,000,its
    supposed to better,thts wat the shopowner told me anyway,but 5 series 32″
    samsung LED is a good tv,just ask about refresh rate of the screen,minimum
    should be 120hz,400hz is very good if u can get it,high refresh rates are
    good with watching fast moving pictures like sports channels,in low rates
    image flow will not be smooth

  4. John CrouStoN says:

    @willymanx 460

  5. John CrouStoN says:

    @KanalDC you will connect this to scar. with scar adaptor

  6. Sstreetboyzzz says:

    hello you have your pc connected to the? what is the Qualli and sharpness
    is good?

  7. bioshocked100 says:

    what is the input lag on this tv? ms

  8. GodSlayerXIII says:

    I’m planing to replace my 23″ monitor (PC) but I live in a province so i
    need to travel 8hrs via Bus…. My question is can I hand carry this box
    alone? I was looking on the top of the box and I dont see any handle….
    only on the both sides :'( Thanks…

  9. skelterdevil says:

    ow XD

  10. Tem po says:

    is it a good tv for gaming ? (xbox 360)

  11. Mezurashii5 says:

    I just came from a fraggin PC monitor, where I don’t have to wait to see
    what did I just do D: .

  12. MrWimont says:

    Is it big enough to watch movies? cuz it’s only 32

  13. Max Povinelli says:

    heyy great vid :), is gaming good on it and no pixel problems? cheers

  14. John CrouStoN says:

    @froudy21 file partin den exw kanena prob m aresei poli i tv fisika den
    xerw na sou pw pws ta pigenei me ta ps3 xbox pantos me to pc douleuei
    comple kai me hdmi gamaei i analisi 😉