LCD TV 123


  1. Anders Sætermo says:

    is it a tv? isnt it a computer screen?

  2. arsenalfabhotmail says:

    He says it has a dvi connection at the start so why still type it?

  3. Munur Yilmaz says:

    Dude i just bought this tv and the 1080p quality with HDMI cable it
    POOR!!…VGA on this monitor is better than HDMI wtf…

  4. 5over5Productions says:

    Nope. Try connecting via component, that’s what I use.

  5. Jeanpier Ramos says:

    Que buen lcd , me lo comprare para mediados de mayo , lo cambiare por mi
    viejo samsung 732n plus , esta chido

  6. MinKebabrulle says:

    @twinder32 I guess your living room TV isn’t a TV but a monitor with a TV

  7. 5over5Productions says:

    If you’re willing to pay a bit more, I’d go with the LG.

  8. captainqatar says:

    no its a tv that can also be used as a monitor

  9. Harry Myles says:

    its a tv i know i fukin got one! GOD

  10. KAMPACX264 says:

    I bought the wrong one shit

  11. martinostking says:

    how do i do so my xbox360 shows on the screen… i have the scart cable but
    there is no picture i have tried everything please help me 🙁

  12. Drummerjed says:

    i have this tv connected to my xbox 360 using hdmi, but it gives a really
    bad picture, does it look bad on your samsung?

  13. 5over5Productions says:

    We’ve had it a few days now and haven’t had any problems yet.

  14. David Stoica says:

    This is not HD Ready, is FULL HD man, it says 1080P :p

  15. elcarle95 says:

    does it have sound???

  16. HGJake says:

    Actually.. This is a Pc monitor with a TV tuner built in.

  17. Sonic291185 says:

    que torpe colega, al final lo rompera jajajaja. Primero lo golpea con el
    giro de la caja i luego se le cae xD.

  18. FireServer101 says:

    @SikhKidd yes you can hook speakers up to it

  19. TheMiko2112 says:

    hey guys… i need a nice and cheap tv for gaming (ps3)! do you think this
    tv would be the right choise or would you buy an other one? thx for rplys…

  20. Dave Moffatt says:

    @TheMiko2112 got this today (if u bought it today you get a voucher for
    call of duty:black ops for £20!! win:) ) and omfg, its awesome, easy to use
    and everything, the touckscreen panel on the front is sweet and only thing
    i dont know what its for is the SERVICE USB ?! god knows what it means

  21. GawdGood says:

    This is a computer screen actually. Not a tv. But you can use it as a tv

  22. JubyPW says:

    hahahah it’s monitor, not TV

  23. YllePelle92 says:

    this is NOT a fkin tv!’s a computerscreen for god sake!