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4K TV – Panasonic 152” 4K HD TV (WOW!)

4K Tv set – Panasonic 152” 4K High definition Tv set (WOW!) Consider a search at the huge 152″ 4K Tv from Panasonic that can show pictures at four occasions the resolution of regular…
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  1. totagwajeffcasey says:

    dear santa…

  2. Atlas Thegreektitan says:

    I’m going to end up making my eyes bleed by watching too much 2kHD and 3D
    crap as it is. Might as well use this gorgeous display to do so.

  3. Tommytuffnuttz says:

    They had it in the NBC studio at the Olympics, I think. They’re over 500k
    for one.

  4. GoFastJames says:

    When did you take this video? Looks like the display from ces 2011. By the
    way Panasonic told me along with others that this tv is for sale. They have
    sold around 50 or so of them to people for home use and for commercial use.
    Nice video tho thanks for posting it.

  5. Milbert Matthew says:

    why cant i have it? i have got $1000000

  6. RaisedByWolves79 says:

    A chav’s wet dream…

  7. djstrobo says:

    Enought for my room.