LCD TV 123

Episode 35. Video Camera Smackdown

Matt stirs up some controversy as he commences an open forum on camera desire. Panasonic HVX two hundred, JVC or HD110u? You decide which camera is king, and make s…
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  1. Jonathan Rodd says:

    I have a bad feeling about an incamera bluray backup. Just look at the
    travesty that is DVD camcorders.

  2. starofdavid01 says:

    What’s Up Matt! Star Of David The Sketch Show. Youtube/Star of David
    Finding McCain. Peace!

  3. moomman89 says:

    I watched all of them.But where is # 29? Do you have more coming?

  4. shirtlessapprentice says:

    We use both of them on a regular basis, along with and XL2 and a DVX100A.

  5. samlaxrocks says:

    Thats a tough one I probobaly would go with the JVC it looks more
    professional, its shoulder mountable and doesnt use P2 Cards

  6. InsomStudios says:

    I currently use the JVC 250, XL2, Ex-1, and Ex-3. I love the XL2 for SD,
    but the EX-1 is the best camera I have ever used. It is exactly what I was
    looking for. We also have 3 EX-3’s which work out great if you need
    timecode and genlock. And, no, my youtube videos do not reflect any of
    these cammeras 🙂 Corporate.

  7. shirtlessapprentice says:

    I use the FS on the JVC, and we are comparing storage for the price. The
    Panny is quite a bit more expensive, so the JVC with an FS is similary
    priced to the Panny without. Take into account that the FS on the JVC,
    still gives you a tape backup to account for the FS’s sometimes blotchy
    reliability. The Panny will give you no backup when being used, a problem
    that has plagued us more than once.

  8. shirtlessapprentice says:

    Sorry it took so long for a reply, ive been soooo busy. Anyway, as far as
    storage goes, the firestore used on any camera is usually king, giving you
    up to 100gb of storage. This equates to over 400 min of SD footage, with
    less HD, but still more than a P2 card that costs the same as the
    firestore. Also, the FS shoots to an editable format, so no having to back
    up two files or lose time converting them.

  9. StinkyKnobcheese says:

    I just want to say thanks guys. I am a complete newbie (even at 44 years
    old hehe) and your vids get right to the heart of the matter in simple
    terms. A new fan.

  10. remixx247 says:

    jvc 110 the best

  11. b1llmoo says:

    hey can u compare the sony ex3, the tv station i work for is getting them.

  12. shirtlessapprentice says:

    Standard Definition broadcast quality is at best 60p. Most peoples
    televisions see interlaced video, meaning that its really 60i. This means
    60 frames a second, because they are interlaced, meaning two fields for
    every one frame you see, you really are only seeing aqn equivalent of 30
    frames a second. 720 means its HD, with 1080 by 720 pixel aspect ratio. The
    HDV is the format it is recorded to, which is basically an Mpeg 2 codec.

  13. shirtlessapprentice says:

    Thanks for the input. I definetley would agree with you on your camera
    choices, i just wish there was a better backup for the video, (there is a
    blu-ray format in the works that will burn in camera while the cards are
    writing.) Even though optical media isn’t great for a longterm backup as it
    degrades over time, for short time dependability, it could really shine.

  14. Julian Williams says:

    The Panasonic can use systems like the fs-100 hd recorder so the issue on
    storage is negligible. more gb for your buck.

  15. chrisbarrett says:

    I shoot on the JVC HD110U and absolutely love the camera.

  16. jayx360i says:

    Panasonic HVX-200

  17. trinityspirit95 says:

    can you change the lens on an ag-hmc 150?

  18. FLCProductions says:

    do you have any of thes camras?