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Samsung 47″ LCD TV Clouding/Shadow/Dark Picture Screen Problem!

I’ve been getting this dilemma with my Liquid crystal display Television for close to four months now, it looks to have gotten even worse with time as this shadowing lasts for about thirty minutes f…

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  1. Shelley O'Neill says:

    Are u by any chance using a transmitter so you can watch sky upstairs? I
    have the exact same model and since connecting the transmitters I’m having
    the same problem

  2. gnavaratnam says:

    did you end up fixing it? got the same problem

  3. kemuking says:

    it may occur due to imbalanced placing of the lcd..check if ur lcd is
    upright exactly..because tilted backwards or sideways could result in
    shifting of liquid crystals on cooling down which becomes correct when
    screen heats up.