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Input lag – monitor Samsung T260 vs LCD TV Samsung LE40B651

Input lag – monitor Samsung T260 vs Liquid crystal display Television Samsung LE40B651 (recorded in 120FPS)

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  1. Christopher Woods says:

    @NAOCIA007 The D series is better than the older panels for input lag (I
    have a D series myself, the 580). The C series was reknowned for its low
    input lag due to the chipset used.

  2. GarbageState says:

    i’ve tried two tv’s with s-ips panels 3-5ms/120hz . they all lag. even
    moving the mouse across the desktop is annoying. that’s 32 and 40″
    desktops. they lag using vga and hdmi inputs. why don’t dedicated lcd
    monitors lag? where can i buy a pc monitor with integrated tv tuner, not a
    tv with inputs. i want something that doesn’t lag but also has a tv tuner.

  3. Cicada1337 says:

    100ms? damn

  4. Stephen Clements says:

    what one was the best? and dose the samsung LE40B651 have bad lag times?

  5. Girion5 says:

    Well try the Gaming mode…

  6. Albert Schmidt says:

    have the d6200 from samsung a input lag wonna buy it for gaming 40 inch

  7. l3d3ni says:

    50-80 ms, not for fps gaming