LCD TV 123

My New 42″ 1080i Plasma 3D Active panasonic TV

this is the greatest Xmas present at any time my mum and father are the ideal parents in the world i am so satisfied this is the very best Christmas ever 🙂

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  1. GH NaTHaN says:

    @ff66ii yep but untill then im happy with a dazzle dvc 100 cap card 🙂

  2. ff66ii says:

    you lucky little boy all you need now is a HD PVR and record some awsome

  3. GH NaTHaN says:

    My tv is fine and ive had it almost a year i also heard bad things about
    plasma tv before buying it but the guy at rhe shop i got it from said they
    fixed that problem now apparently they only did that wen they were first
    invented so you should be safe 🙂

  4. GH NaTHaN says:

    @dylanmuscat lol devon btw not devin lololololol

  5. dylanmuscat says:

    @guitarherogaminglege stupid ipod always hit wrong button or corrects me
    when im right