LCD TV 123

Samsung FullHD LCD TV 120hz NFL

Expertise the new Samsung fullhd Liquid crystal display Tv with 120hz technological innovation(NTSC). See the cool soccer gamers engage in sport.
Movie Score: four / 5

Knowledge the excellent interactivity of the Samsung Collection 6 Liquid crystal display TVs at Dalzell’s of Markethill your local Samsung Lcd Television set Retailer in Northern Ireland – UE46C…
Video Rating: 5 / five

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  1. hopeitshappy says:

    double of 60 but on there website there 100hz and in the shops there 100hz
    wierd unless these are next years models

  2. e521soediv says:

    thats why you should get a plasma (pioneer) it has natural motion and color
    not artificial color and motion LCD produces. LCD’s natually has motion
    issue because of the nature of the technology but im not going to ramble
    about that, anyways LCD’s actually over does the motion with the 120h
    technology for me thats why plasmas are better

  3. beanmaster says:

    lol 60hz doesnt looks like that -.- ^^

  4. ugotownedo says:

    Movies have that special trademark low-frame-rate, so the first few times
    you watch a movie without the jerkiness, it’ll seem a bit “too smooth.” As
    if you’re watching TV, not a movie. It’ll be a bit hard getting used to it,
    but once you do get used to motion-smoothing, it’ll be hard going going

  5. jelaninoel says:

    y dont 32″ tvs come with 120hz?

  6. hopeitshappy says:

    what tv is that i thought the new ones where 100hz

  7. nitroburn says:

    No, they are 120hz as it is easily divisible by other popular refresh rates.

  8. ScootPac11 says:

    All I got to say is I gotta have one of these tv’s.

  9. fr1025 says:

    i seen this at a best buy store and it looks like u are right behind the
    scene while the movie is being filmed

  10. sakura4000 says:

    Doesn’t make as drastic a difference with games as it does with movies
    since games are already so smooth. Plus, on some first person shooters,
    I’ve noticed that the aiming reticle will blur into three during any kind
    of fast movement. 120hz is pointless where gaming is concerned and even
    hurts it in some instances.

  11. xxxmatttty69 says:

    like ur really gunna notice that lol

  12. Jim Mars says:

    I’ve seen this too at the store… they were playing Pirates side by side
    on the 61 series and the 71 series… AMAZING… it does look like you’re
    right there on the set. Can’t wait to get one for gaming.

  13. Integr8d says:

    120Hz has nothing to do with ‘smooth motion’ or however it’s being marketed
    (Better for sports). 120Hz tv’s are laying the groundwork for 3D.
    120Hz=60Hz for each eye. So the tv will be able to send one distinct image
    to each eye. No more hokey blue and green glasses. You’ll be using very
    light LCD shutter glasses. Expect 3D Bluray by late 08′.

  14. ugotownedo says:

    lol yeah right

  15. rob ord says:

    haha! agreed. never knew that kind of 60hz ever been sold.

  16. ugotownedo says:

    120hz is awesome, but there’s just one bad thing about it: it makes films
    seem too smooth, and they look like they were recorded with a handycam.
    It’ll be weird at first, because we’ve all grown up with unsmooth movies,
    but we’ll get used to it.

  17. snowblindu says:

    I got it its awesome…. :)! i’m soooo chill now… Wow looking back I
    don’t think I waited 10 days… I don’t even remember writing that comment

  18. snowblindu says:

    My tv is gonna be here next week.. i’ve ben waiting almost 10 days for it..
    its driving me insane!! I NEED IT NOW!

  19. sakura4000 says:

    Good for movies, great for sports, sucks for gaming.

  20. Boostinmister2 says:

    You have to see this 120hz in person, wow!!!! It made Lord of the rings
    look like it was recorded on a Handed cam. (in a good way!) Straight 3D,
    its soooooo trippy. I’m getting the samsung 4671, go check it out. Samsungs
    120hz is better than Sonys 120hz amp too, check it out side by side.