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Television LED Samsung EH4500 é a Smart Television set que você precisava. Tem conteúdos exclusivos como Family members Keep, Little ones e Health and fitness. É entretenimento garantido para toda a fam…
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  1. desma novanda says:


  2. TheBoxfitter says:

    Bought a Samsung 3D, 55 inch plasma, PN51D55C1F, and it just stopped
    pairing with the glasses. Did the unplug/plug back in thing and no go.
    According to my BB phone the TV’s not putting out the Bluetooth signal to
    pair with the glasses. Haven’t had the issue addressed yet.

  3. grab1uk says:

    What model is it

  4. ubuntututorials says:

    Samsung truly suck – I have repaired more Samsung TVs than any other brand.

  5. 400sean says:

    looks like the tv overheats

  6. geramie15 says:

    Holy fuck $3000 tv!

  7. ubuntututorials says:

    By the way, I do like Samsung TVs… in fact I have one in my living room
    right now. It was one I picked up for £40 and needed a £5 fix. See my
    channel for the fix video. Surprisingly common Samsung fault.

  8. thatlocofromep24 says:

    @Bruce1Jackson they replaced both panels, which only leaves the screen.

  9. thatlocofromep24 says:

    @grab1uk Sorry been on holiday its UN55C7000WFXZA

  10. Stuart Glass says:

    iam glad i went for a 2D television rather than 3D

  11. vlogsmack says:

    I fixed mine by shooting bullets through the screen. It’s a hole lot better

  12. Britain Bob says:

    next time buy a sony LED tv its the best dont waste your money for this
    shit again

  13. Audra Henshaw says:

    what you’re saying there sounds like total garbage. have you actually
    tracked it by keeping count? have any invoice numbers as proof? not likely

  14. ubuntututorials says:

    See my account tom66 at for accounts of every repair and check
    the TV troubleshooting forum… you’ll quickly see that Samsung crap
    appears ten times more than anything else. No idea how they keep a good
    brand image – clever marketing? And it’s not just because they make more
    TVs, the proportions are way out compared to market share.

  15. Grants Pass TV Repair says:

    This is why paying extra for an extended warranty is a good idea.