LCD TV 123

LG 50″ Tru-Slim 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV with Swivel Stand

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  1. Jacob Lynch says:

    i got this atKmart for 499.

  2. balmighty81 says:

    can you provide the direct link on dell’s site?

  3. Steve Quish says:

    $400 new on

  4. TheConceptDude says:

    That’s a really high price for that tv… its 650 but they aren’t lying
    about the pic quality

  5. smoothbokeh says:

    To begin with yes, it is very dull but from about 6 mins onwards they must
    have realised and the picture becomes much brighter. It makes you wonder if
    the reviewers in the magazines and online get the settings right before
    they write their reviews and condem a tv by saying it is`nt bright enough

  6. Steve Quish says:

    Dell only had it for sale for about 30 minutes. Go to and scroll
    down to Monday or Tuesdays deals.

  7. Kody Whittington says:

    lol im thinking about this tv, this video is garbage

  8. Johnny Martinez says:

    Everybody talks shit but This is a fucking great TV. The TV came out in
    2011 that’s 2 years old. Of course the price has gone down.

  9. Jordan Murray says:

    What ever you say. My LCD upstairs is 60 and it is not even close to my
    plasma with 600hz. The LCD seems just a bit blurry when watching hockey. So
    I go by my eyes NOT numbers

  10. Branden Hooper says:

    They obviously haven’t price hdtv’s before. $900 is very expensive for that
    size and quality. It’s selling on Amazon for $600

  11. Branden Hooper says:

    600 hz SUB FIELD. It’s still 60 frames per second, it just flashes the same
    frame 10 times each

  12. Mark Hayden says:

    $566 suckas!

  13. brian sullivan says:

    I don’t even think they turned the eco mode off there, the picture looks
    like crap.

  14. ReddSouljah says:

    Buying this TV from FutureShop for $699.99 on sale 😛