LCD TV 123

Orion TV26RN1 LCD TV Update!

Put it back again with each other, it is still not functioning very appropriate, but which is better than absolutely nothing.

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  1. DrCassette says:

    @kristiaand That is all fine. It is either the display driver board or the
    connection running to it.

  2. Vintagesoundz14 says:

    do those speakers feature in a video where you play music on them ?

  3. DrCassette says:

    No, it has been sold.

  4. DrCassette says:

    @Vintagesoundz14 The white ones? Those I built myself years ago. They were
    featured in one of my early videos, but I can’t remember wich.

  5. DrCassette says:

    You mean those home made speakers? They were in a video about an old Sony
    receiver. Should be on my channel somewhere.

  6. Vintagesoundz14 says:

    those towers at the side of the tv with the white fronts and brown sides.

  7. Aulis Perna says:

    How do you adjust tape speed. If necessary. What equipment do you need/use
    for that.

  8. GanEdenVideo says:

    @DrCassette tried video on it yet?

  9. Vintagesoundz14 says:

    what are the speakers next to the tv ? look nice.

  10. DrCassette says:

    @Vintagesoundz14 The title of the video is ‘My Sony and JVC stereo system’.

  11. DrCassette says:

    @MrAns98 That’s a Sony Alpha 35 DSLR camera.

  12. DrCassette says:

    @GanEdenVideo Not really. I made a recording just to see if it works, but
    that’s about it. The camera is just way too inconvenient for video.

  13. DrCassette says:

    @Felix2417425 Dr Alban – It’s my life

  14. Aulis Perna says:

    @DrCassette Oh, wrong video, but can you pls answer. PM.

  15. darius5171 says:

    I love that universum amplifier!!! Do you still have it???

  16. MasterGravitron says:

    Sony made some excellent HD CRT’s that can be had for under $100 these
    days. Much better picture than a cheap LCD.

  17. DrCassette says:

    @huora5000 Have a look at the channel of uxwbill, he has a very good video
    explaining how to adjust the speed of cassette decks 🙂

  18. crogeek says:

    Yeah just watch for fucking copyright on Youtube

  19. Aulis Perna says:

    @DrCassette Thanks!

  20. DrCassette says:

    @huora5000 What does that have to do with the topic of this video?

  21. Vintagesoundz14 says:

    yes the white ones i tried looking through your videos but couldn’t find
    it, can you try find out which video it was if it is still there ? do they
    sound nice I fancy making some very tall columns and putting a full range
    driver in and a port at the bottom.