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Unboxing of Samsung 46″ LED 2D Smart TV UE46D5520

Unboxing & Appear at Samsung UE46D5520 – 46″ LED Sensible Tv which I bought from Richersounds for £700 An ultra slim 2nd HD1080P LED Television with built in world wide web applications f…
Video Score: three / 5

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  1. Jake Habicht says:

    I just got this tv today. Its the best!

  2. quidsup says:

    @Ograws I gave up that idea and went for a small HD Media player instead.

  3. Anthony Hopkins says:

    i might get this on christmas

  4. AssWiper19 says:

    How come i have the same and it just shows sd video. Do i need some kind of

  5. OmenX13 says:

    That looks to be n awesome Tv….

  6. SeltsamerAttraktor says:

    So what are you going to watch on that thing?

  7. quidsup says:

    @Ograws Yeah its great. Its silent, boots up quicker than a pc, and plays
    all sorts of FOSS & Proprietary codecs. Downside is that it cant do gaming
    or internet TV, but the PS3 can cover that

  8. MrJoey1087 says:

    Can u send me a amaxon link

  9. Hugo M-D says:

    Great unboxing! Keep up the great videos!

  10. quidsup says:

    @CowJuiceMeansMilk It Cost £700 inc VAT. Yeah most things tend to be a lot
    more expensive here than most other countries. I’ve got to wait about 8
    weeks for my new computer to arrive, that’ll have Ubuntu on it and I’ll be
    connecting it to this TV. Cheers mate

  11. quidsup says:

    @SeltsamerAttraktor I got a fair few blurays and quite a lot of downloaded
    vids… legal downloads of course 😉 Its great for playing PS3, I no
    longer need to sit on the floor or squint at the old 32″ TV I used to have.
    I can sit back and relax on the sofa

  12. Berke Kizilcan says:

    on smart tv 46 it had voice or move control

  13. yoblackdaddy1 says:

    i cant look at you cuz of your shirt

  14. Lombardo Arizmendi says:

    @emiel1976ep me too LoL

  15. quidsup says:

    @vman1 According to the blurb it does have picture in picture feature
    although Im not sure how to get it going. Maybe I need to RTFM

  16. FindingAnswers Paranormal says:

    my dic…. i mean my t.v. is bigger

  17. Jack D. says:

    @quisup I couldnt hear all the audio very well, but it would be really
    awesome if that TV would come with “lights” at both L R sides. Dunno if LED
    TVs so thin comes with but the experience on a dark room is fantastic.

  18. Henry G says:

    What did it cost you?

  19. Latin Label says:

    Thanks! That 3D converting in this tv is amazing and I hate 3D. LOL.

  20. Latin Label says:

    Thank you and yes it was expensive!

  21. tiger bryant says:

    nicceee dude

  22. midnightjune says:

    YouTube video ads suck. Whatever happened to the text ads? Those were less
    annoying. Anyway, cool TV. I just upgraded to a biggie myself, but not that
    big. Like the 3D converting?

  23. Latin Label says:

    It super huge! 🙂

  24. gamermik76 says:

    damn that t.v. is big

  25. Review King says:

    holly tv! awesome man so happy for you

  26. gamermik76 says:

    cool let me guess samsung