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Epson Pro Cinema 6020 Projector Summary by Projector Reviews TV took a look this Epson Pro Cinema 6020 projector and awarded it our Scorching Merchandise Award. We designed this nine-moment video as a entertaining an…
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  1. Forrest Munden says:

    God i hate intros!

  2. Art Feierman says:

    Jer, I’m not sure what your other question was, doesn’t quite make sense.
    No problem using a Firehawk with the Epson, but you also asked about 3.5
    (2.35?) to one, and 16:9, but not sure what you are asking. I did answer
    joseph, right below, though about using the Epson with a 2.35:1 screen.
    Perhaps that helps.

  3. joseph10704 says:

    i got u ,it make’s alot of sense for sure.i think for me i will stick with
    the epson 5020UB that is the best bang for the buck if u ask me.

  4. Nick Badalamenti says:

    how does this work on gaming would like to do it for movies and gaming and
    does the 5020ub have the same specs?

  5. jer polecat says:

    will the 6020ub do wireless? Also what is the street price on the 6020 ub?
    And since I’m here how will the 6020ub work with a stewart firehawk gray
    screen 3.5 to one 16.9?

  6. Art Feierman says:

    I definitely say stick with 16:9! Also, know that the Epson 6020 can only
    work with a 2.35:1 screen if you were to purchase an anamorphic lens,
    unlike the Panasonic. Going widescreen is primarily for people who almost
    exclusively watch movies.

  7. Art Feierman says:

    Nick, depends on the type of gaming. My two gamer/boggers find the Epson
    acceptable. If you turn off all the smart and dynamic features (including
    auto detect for 3D, CFI, etc.) the Epson seems to measure almost a perfect
    50ms lagtime, which is better than last year’s 80 ms. 50, though is
    considered acceptable for playing the fastest games out there. It may be
    fine for most serious game players, my gamer / bloggers think that you need
    to get to about 35ms or better before it’s really good.