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Panasonic TH – P65ST50A 3D Neo Black Pro Plasma 65″ Inch TV

Just a preview of my plasma not the 1080p good quality just the mp4 conversion trigger my tablet won’t permit me add 1080p online video recording lolz.
Video Ranking: five / five

Look at the Online video of the Panasonic Plasma Wise Viera UT50 2012 Variety Reference top quality Television from, best Tv technology, plasma …

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  1. Darryl Anderson says:

    It does look small on cam hey maybe cause I’m standing on an angle dunno
    why lolz and not front on but I can tell ya it’s much bigger when you
    personally see it

  2. dezz614dc says:

    That don’t look like 65 inch…but it sure looks like a hella nice screen
    picture. .

  3. happy51593 says:

    Is the tx-p50ut50b a good tv?

  4. MrMightyZ says:

    Ut, st, xt, vt, gt, AAAAAAH! I’ve been shopping for a 3D TV for a while and
    Panasonic’s range is so confusing, so convoluted… I think vt is the top
    of the range but as for the rest… WHAT is the difference between them? Do
    Panasonic really need to bring out 15 ******* models per year?? Shopping
    for viera, searching for reviews, trying to figure out WHERE the model sits
    in the range makes me want to eat furniture.

  5. MrMightyZ says:

    I think my problem is I’m dealing with two of the biggest lovers if
    nonsense “inside lingo” and double-speak; the lab nerd and the salesman.
    Panasonic should denote their models in a clear and human a-b-c fashion and
    cut the jive-talk. Its BS. I look at a description of ANY of their models
    and they ALL claim to do the same things and ALL claim to be the greatest
    TV the world has ever seen. What is the ******* deal?