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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ALLSHARE CAST DONGLE with SAMSUNG LED 3D TV demo preview MIRROR

Samsung Galaxy Be aware ALLSHARE Forged DONGLE on a UN55D7000 tv. this presents you more total display then the samsung s3!!!! THIS IS HOW I SAMSUNG!!!! also check out…
Video clip Score: three / five

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  1. Mohamed Miri says:


  2. Robert Vazquez says:


  3. Dylaleciram Dylan says:

    obsédé perver

  4. Boost movies says:


  5. Miguel Cay says:

    Hi there, I have The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 whit Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and i
    want play Real Racing 3 on my Samsung Smart TV but the AllShare don´t work,
    you kwon any idea? thanks fron Veracruz mexico

  6. ejfetters1 says:

    mine doesn’t work.. tab says it’s connected. TV just says Connecting. Never
    shows a picture. But device thinks its connected

  7. douglas malvo says:


  8. DUGLESSM says:

    when using the dongle,the sound from your phone or tab will be disabled
    while the connection is in effect,sound comes from whatever sound comes out
    of when watching tv(in my case it’s my bose speakers)

  9. TheTolgun says:

    Can you tell me how the quality is, good enough? and the resolution on tv?

  10. DUGLESSM says:

    the nexus does not have the allshare cast function so it would be
    incompatible with this dongle.

  11. MrBjp001 says:


  12. ill3stjuan says:

    whos the girl in the video lol

  13. Michael Maners says:

    Also if it doesnt I will try a diff router on a diff frequency band
    entirely and see if the result is the same. Thanks for the input

  14. Michael Maners says:

    Allshare CAST has nothing to do with your tv! If it has an hdmi input then
    the dongle works. This is ENTIRELY different than the setup built into
    samsung tv’s. Buy the dongle for around $100 and it works with any galaxy
    device newer than the s2. All of the galaxy tabs. Note 1 and 2. S3 and s4
    and im sure every single new samsung pjone that will be released. Im amazed
    by some of the comments and felt somone should clarify. Haha

  15. shahrooz shahrooz says:

    hi, i have note 10.1 , is it possible to the same thing using dongle with
    older tv model ? my tv model is ua40c5000

  16. homer lee says:

    can you do that on a projector?

  17. chytcheva says:


  18. DUGLESSM says:

    remember all the dongle does is mirror your device,with that being said
    that’s how youtube looks on my note 10.1

  19. mikail693 says:

    and ist it also compatible with s3 or other smartphones with dlna?