LCD TV 123

Unboxing: Samsung UN46C6300SF 46″ 1080p 120Hz LED LCD HDTV

The time has ultimately arrived! I’ve officially ditched my Sony CRT HDTV and acquired myself a brand name new Samsung forty six” LED HDTV. Let me just say this appropriate now… …

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  1. Tyrant LawrenzeZ says:

    46″ is a much more popular size in bedroom!

  2. mduralle says:

    for gaming, either for ps3 or xbox 360 , do your prefer LCD or LED ? 

  3. CJ4mPJ says:

    @thecreativeone should i get 120Hz or 60Hz LIKE IS THERE A BIG DIFFERENCE

  4. Kenpachi1st says:

    I have that exact same tv its awesome compared to almost all tv’s

  5. ulkord says:

    my notebook only has 19 🙁

  6. BlubberOwl says:

    Looks very VERY nice lol

  7. Ch1d0r1 says:

    I have this same exact tv. It does not have game mode, so you will get lag
    with the ps3 controller when playing games. I turn turned judder reduction
    to 0, under Auto Motion Plus/Picture options. Hope this works.

  8. Grant Jack says:

    I have the same tv as you but I have a 40inch and its a smart tv 46inch is
    way to big for my room

  9. xLeGenDxKiLLx says:

    that is the exact same remote as mine

  10. banerplayboy says:

    @thecreativeone plus taxes idiot

  11. Venom Emperor says:

    @TDPUK your a fagot, I think David’s job pays enough for him to buy a damn

  12. CobraGamerz says:

    thats what she said 🙂

  13. thickglasses1 says:

    cool, i have that tv too. And i got it from Best Buy :D. I lik your Q&A
    videos, and i just started doing YouTube, videos. My questions are, did you
    get it during black friday? And, andy tips for a beginner? Thanks.

  14. Alan Addison says:

    this tv is shit

  15. ANGRYGAMER41 says:

    can you give a shootout for me thanks

  16. PS31989gamer says:

    i was reading on a mag about the led tv backlight telling me they can last
    10 to 11 years