LCD TV 123

Unboxing & Set-up: Samsung 32” LED TV

Did this for apply. Audio: Into Dusk Mazzy Star Gears of War OST.
Movie Score: 3 / 5

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  1. matt napier says:

    Good song : into Dust…

  2. Kai kiske sammet says:

    is it a good tv for gaming ?

  3. Joshua Mejos says:

    Wow ganda naman ng TV ni sir hahaha … sir si Mejos ito :DDD

  4. jakey56569 says:

    Whats up with the song?

  5. Eduardo Faustino says:


  6. Db9concept45ACP says:

    Sayang ang Ganda kaso nasira sa antenna

  7. dizisyimcold1 says:

    Is this the 3d

  8. Enea Xhani says:

    Analogue Channels :p

  9. Benfro89 says:

    what resolution is this tv?

  10. louie concepcion says:

    baron antenna ba yan haha”

  11. Chunks Pude says:

    MUSIC: Into Dusk Mazzy Star

  12. Steven Price says:

    WTF parang patay lang, it took 2 people to carry this tv haahha

  13. ShaPlays says: