LCD TV 123

Apple TV to VGA Projector

In this Podcast we display how to hook up your Apple Tv set to a VGA check.
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  1. Chris Johnson says:

    Would it not be easier to use air play server on the laptop, stream from
    the ipad to the laptop and use the laptop’s video link to the projector?

  2. megh21205 says:

    Good job!

  3. simonfraserfan says:

    Thank you for this. When I purchase a film from itunes and attempt to play
    it via my VGA projector, it doesn’t work. Will your system help? I was a
    little confused during your section re ipad to VGA and copyright laws.
    Basically, I want to show a legally purchased itunes film on my VGA
    projector. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.

  4. callum wyper says:

    in stedd od using a swicher for the mac use air play mirroring

  5. MAFairbanks says:

    Well-done! What a great video. It was short, concise, and detailed as well.
    Thank you. I had a question: How did you do your sound? It’s excellent (not
    hollow, which is the sound that room should have produced). I assume you
    were wearing a mic? What’s the setup? Thanks

  6. Cliosanfran says:

    Clear, straightforward, informative, helpful. This video helped me set up
    AppleTV in my classroom. I already have an A/B switch – one side for the
    (school) computer, the other for either my MacBook connector-vga converter
    or the iPad connector-vga converter. The A/B switch “Out” is wired to the
    projector. ApppleTV projects the iPad from anywhere in the room – students
    can use! The DVD/BluRay player is wired directly to the projector&soundbar;
    the projector remote chooses the input source.

  7. Matthew Clarke says:

    I’ve set this up in my classroom and it has worked FLAWLESSLY, but only
    because I set up my own wireless hot spot with an AirPort Express. My tech
    department was not happy about that, though, and made me disconnect it. Our
    schoolwide VLANed network does not allow device discoverability, so I can’t
    use my Apple TV on it. Does anyone here work in IT that could help describe
    to me how to convince my IT department to open up their network just a
    crack to allow for teachers like me to use this tech?

  8. Marina High School Library says:

    Good job young man, very clear and precise!! I was ignorant of the video
    restrictions when using VGA, great info!!

  9. Jimmy90022 says:

    Very well explained

  10. e017747 says:

    Do you know if a 1st generation iPad will work to view movies? In other
    words will the 1st generation bypass the copyright protection?

  11. Joe Ceccoli III says:

    Hello, and thank you for watching the video. Tell them that the network
    SSID will not be broadcasted, and that it will be secured with WPA2 with
    AES and TKIP encryption. They will first be impressed by this. And will
    probably let you set it up after you describe that to them. Also, describe
    your situation to them.

  12. simonfraserfan says:

    Meant to add: will having an Apple TV box as an intermediary from my
    MacBookPro with the itunes film on it to the VGA projector work?

  13. David Norman says:

    this is all too familiar of a story…. Educational Tech departments are
    slow to adapt and basically allow 0 bring your own device…. frustrating
    to say the least!

  14. AGB4able says:


  15. sollyinfusion says:

    nice video, but i am more interested in mirroring the laptop through apple
    tv, instead of connecting the computer directly to the apple TV.

  16. Rob Residori says:

    Have you tired Airparrot?