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Bantus Capoeira Singapore @ Panasonic Full HD 3D Plasma TV Roadshow

Bantus Singapore capoeiristas playing live at VivioCity Atrium on 1 Might 2010 for Panasonic Hd 3D Tv set roadshow. Filmed & edited by Flora Chan All copyrights be…
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  1. Bantus Capoeira Singapore says:

    @marcelloz did u see what Bambu did to the 3D sign? There was irony in

  2. Negus Maximus says:

    Not one Black person…interesting!

  3. Bantus Capoeira Singapore says:

    sorry, this was a quickie…my lappy died on me 3 times while i was editing
    the clips and then my mouse went to IT heaven as well. Didn’t want to take
    any more risks so the audio is raw. Will post the long unedited version
    eventually, so be patient boys and girls…and when i get the showreel
    done, the audio will be perfect.