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Samsung 60″ LED TV Smart TV Review

New Samsung I obtained. take a seem. NEW Video clip!
Movie Score: 2 / 5

Samsung F5500 LED Television viewing angle examination. Entire evaluation: set/liquid crystal display-led/samsung/f5500 Product analyzed: UN46F5500 Should also be legitimate for…

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  1. CR7hg says:

    xshit sucks..

  2. MrDoughboy323 says:

    u suck at madden

  3. nolj67 says:

    Please make a review on how a blu ray movie looks on the tv or a longer
    video on the picture quality?

  4. kenji4861 says:

    i meant to say TV.. not table.. great tv.. but the review is pretty weak.
    Maybe could go through the smart tv feature or even show some excitement
    over how great the TV looks if you’re going to show us just that.

  5. Booger Face says:

    Jiggle the camera much?

  6. kenji4861 says:

    SWEET! I’ve been looking at that table for a long time!

  7. dominique jasper says:

    samsung 6300 is better than the 6030 in gaming

  8. RtingsTV says:

    We test the input lag under the same settings on all TVs. Usually, size
    does not affect the input lag.

  9. dominique jasper says:

    Why is it so high it doesn’t have smart would it be less input lag the
    Samsung 6300 had left and put way but it has more stuff on it why is that
    do smart TVs have more input lag in 3d or is 3d more input lag

  10. dominique jasper says:

    How about the samsung UN 40 F 6300 was that tested in game mode on
    everything off and for the 60 30 if you get a smaller TV would that input
    lag be faster